The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing for SMEs

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Whether you are operating a small or medium enterprise, you have to maximize the use of digital tools to get sales. One of the most effective tools there is, is email marketing where you plot the way you interact with your mail list subscribers so that they will be encouraged to buy your product. Effective […]

YouTube Channels for Kids

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YouTube channels for kids have exploded in recent years. Indeed YouTube as a whole has the most interactions in terms of views worldwide and in fact, the influencer phenomenon started mostly on YouTube. It is a staple for content creators who can effectively market products to their subscribers. YouTube influencer success is fueled by consistency […]

Targeting the Digital Population

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Do not get intimidated by the vastness of the digital world. When you know what kind of people would  really buy your product and where they are in the digital world (what social media and search engines  they use), their online activity and behaviour, purchasing power and habit, you have a target. When you  have […]



Here’s an in-depth study on CRO (conversion rate optimization) for your eCommerce. This list is based on KAMG’s experience of working on over 100 business models with more than 35 years of combined experience, with $97million sales generated, and 943 projects completed. We list things you need to know based on what worked for us […]

Why use Shopify?


The title of this article is a big question that gets bigger everyday. The answer tends to be the same, though the impact of the answer becomes more and more relevant.  Shopify, like other front end retail eCommerce solutions, are meant to help stores get online. More and more people are not heading out to […]

Competitive Digital Marketing

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It’s a competitive world out there. The digital landscape has made business fast requiring marketers to be even faster. Fortunately, you can equip yourself with digital marketing tools that will make your business stand out. To succeed, you need to have an optimized website with a good design, a social media marketing scheme that fits […]

Must-Have Marketing Tools

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In this competitive digital-first world, businesses can no longer survive without marketing. Marketing tools are a must-have in growing your business. Marketing can be a little tedious but with the help of the right marketing tools, you can ensure that your  business always gets leads and conversions. The Nitty Gritty Almost every business today is […]

Email Marketing that Actually Works


Whether it is B2B email outreach, email newsletters, eCommerce, or affiliate marketing, the key to success is always proper audience targeting, the right individualized customization, and proper timing – all of these can be best achieved with optimum email marketing. The Nitty Gritty In the competitive business word of today’s highly technological digital age, automation […]

The Ultimate Facebook PPC Campaign

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The market has become much more attractive for brands and companies of all sizes in recent years. In order to meet their target audience, marketers have had to turn to paying alternatives. Social media is a strong marketing tool for reaching mass audiences and growing awareness about brands. Thus Facebook Pay Per Click (PPC), more […]

6 Effective Creative Influencer Marketing Campaigns

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One of the more commonly used methods of influencer marketing is the Sponsored Content strategy.  This is where the marketer pays an influencer to create and publish content attaching their brand or product to it – a fundamentally easy and effective means of getting leads.  Here are 6 creative ways in running a sponsored content […]