69 FACTS on Using YouTube for eCommerce

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Your ULTIMATE YouTube Marketing Guide: From Leads to Conversion  Really? Can YouTube be used for my business? Absolutely! In this article, you will:  Learn about 6 broad categories on how to use YouTube for eCommerce Explore 69 specific tips from each category Discover what strategy will work best for you and your business Ready? Let’s […]



Here’s an in-depth study on CRO (conversion rate optimization) for your eCommerce. This list is based on KAMG’s experience of working on over 100 business models with more than 35 years of combined experience, with $97million sales generated, and 943 projects completed. We list things you need to know based on what worked for us […]

How to Find an eCommerce Marketing Agency | 19 Steps & 7 Questions

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Nineteen Steps to Take and Seven Qualifying Questions to Ask to Make Sure That You Hire an Effective Service. Most of the time, business owners are more expertly inclined to their product and brand rather than technical marketing. If you have a similar situation, you will need to hire a third party to do your […]

What is an eCommerce Platform? 9 Questions & 9 Answers

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Your Burning eCommerce Questions Answered Plus Expert Tips and Vital Facts You Need to Know. Here’s the answer in a nutshell. An eCommerce platform is an online tool or software that enables buying and selling or other commercial processes over the internet. This type of platform requires a search engine that enables customers to find […]

How To Create An eCommerce Website

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How To Create An eCommerce Website Creating an eCommerce Website is simple and easy, and it can also be free if you’re using the right provider.  First, let’s answer the question, what is an eCommerce website? An eCommerce website is like any other website you visit, but its express purpose is to sell something to […]

How To Build An eCommerce Website

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8 Steps To Building An eCommerce Website eCommerce is exciting, the latest and greatest way to shop these days. With more than $2 trillion annually being spent, the sky is truly the limit. Whether you’re considering opening a new business or have an existing one already, the need for a digital presence, beyond the brick […]

How to Start an eCommerce Business Part 2 | 10 Tips to Improve Revenue

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Website Tips for Excellent Profits Within Weeks A whopping 95% of shopping will transition to online stores by 2040. As early as today, the competition in the digital market is already intense. With 12-24 million online stores in existence, it can be daunting to start an eCommerce business. Everyone is online, and consumers are now […]

What is an eCommerce Website? | Building Your Online Business


The Definition of an “eCommerce Website.” An eCommerce website is defined as a website that allows people to buy and sell tangible goods and digital products or services over the internet. The website is used for people to trade, barter, exchange, and buy or sell goods and services needed by society to thrive. Commonly, you […]

20 Tips: Increase eCommerce Revenue X2 in 9 Weeks


eCommerce Tricks on How to Increase Revenue in eCommerce in 2021 I think you won’t deny the fact that: It is a big challenge to do online business today and increase eCommerce revenue, mainly because the pandemic has prompted all stores to go online, saturating the competition’s density. Hence, you have to find a solid […]

10 Steps – Build an eCommerce Email List and Convert Today


All the Tools and Methods You Need to Get People to Subscribe to Your List Your first-time visitors are the ones who will need the most convincing on their journey to conversion or making a purchase. For accomplishing these conversions, email marketing can bring significant value to your eCommerce as a channel. Ecommerce email, while […]