20 Tips: Increase eCommerce Revenue X2 in 9 Weeks


eCommerce Tricks on How to Increase Revenue in eCommerce in 2021 I think you won’t deny the fact that: It is a big challenge to do online business today and increase eCommerce revenue, mainly because the pandemic has prompted all stores to go online, saturating the competition’s density. Hence, you have to find a solid […]

10 Steps – Build an eCommerce Email List and Convert Today


All the Tools and Methods You Need to Get People to Subscribe to Your List Your first-time visitors are the ones who will need the most convincing on their journey to conversion or making a purchase. For accomplishing these conversions, email marketing can bring significant value to your eCommerce as a channel. Ecommerce email, while […]

How to create an eCommerce Website


Creating an eCommerce Website is simple and easy, and can also be free if you’re using the right provider.  First let’s answer the question, what is an eCommerce website? An eCommerce website is like any other website you visit, but it’s express purpose is to sell something to the site visitor. Amazon is the perfect […]

8 steps to building an eCommerce Store


eCommerce is exciting, the latest and greatest way to shop these days. With more than $2 Trillion annually being used in transactions, the sky is truly the limit. Whether you’re considering opening a new business or have an existing one already, the need for a digital presence, beyond the brick and mortar shop is not […]

A Powerful Ecommerce Website Checklist To Get You 10 Times More Conversions


201 Actionable Ecommerce Website Checklist We’ve built this ecommerce website checklist for both beginner and seasoned digital marketers. This is based on KAMG’s experience working the best formula based on 100 business models with more than 35 years of experience, $ 97 sales generated and 943 projects completed. We are listing things you need to know based […]

How to Start an eCommerce Business | 10 Tips to Improve Revenue Today


Website Tips for Excellent Profits Within Weeks A whopping 95% of shopping will transition to online stores by 2040. As early as today, the competition in the digital market is already not light. With 12-24 million online stores in existence, it could be daunting to start an eCommerce business. Everyone is online, and consumers are […]

How Much Does Shopify Cost


Shopify is known as one of the most flexible and diverse software products available for building an eCommerce store and business.  The flexibility extends from being a business just starting out to sellers of multi million dollars per month in orders.  While this is all housed under one roof, the shopify umbrella, the program of […]

What is a customer journey map


On a simplistic level, it’s the roadmap you intend your customer to follow when they come to your website. The main difference between a map vs not a map is the visual representation of the journey. Before you get started building your journey map, you need to build customer journeys. Lets work with an example […]

What is an eCommerce Website | Building Your Online Business


The Definition of “eCommerce Website.” An eCommerce website is defined as a website that allows people to buy and sell tangible goods and digital products or services over the internet. The website is used for people to trade, barter, exchange, and buy or sell goods and services needed by society to thrive. The eCommerce website […]

How and why does Shopify work


Why use Shopify? The title of this article is a big question that gets bigger everyday. The answer tends to be the same, though the impact of the answer becomes more and more relevant. Shopify, like other front end retail eCommerce solutions are meant to help stores get online. More and more people are not […]