The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing for SMEs

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Whether you are operating a small or medium enterprise, you have to maximize the use of digital tools to get sales. One of the most effective tools there is, is email marketing where you plot the way you interact with your mail list subscribers so that they will be encouraged to buy your product. Effective […]

Must-Have Marketing Tools

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In this competitive digital-first world, businesses can no longer survive without marketing. Marketing tools are a must-have in growing your business. Marketing can be a little tedious but with the help of the right marketing tools, you can ensure that your  business always gets leads and conversions. The Nitty Gritty Almost every business today is […]

Email Marketing that Actually Works


Whether it is B2B email outreach, email newsletters, eCommerce, or affiliate marketing, the key to success is always proper audience targeting, the right individualized customization, and proper timing – all of these can be best achieved with optimum email marketing. The Nitty Gritty In the competitive business word of today’s highly technological digital age, automation […]

Top Email Funnels Every eCommerce Needs


Email funnels allow you to nurture a relationship with a subscriber, educate a potential customer on the benefits of a product and nudge people to decide and purchase from you. They convert prospects to customers and retain them as loyal patrons. With proper automation, targeting, timing and with the right content, email funnels can effectively […]

What is Email Marketing in eCommerce?

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How it Works, What Makes it Effective, and Doing it Right With 7 Strategies. In eCommerce, email marketing is a strategy using email for product or service promotion by online stores. The marketing strategy focuses on bringing potential customers to engage with a brand and eventually buy the ticket. With $42 earned per $1 spent […]

10 Steps – Build an eCommerce Email List and Convert Today


20 Steps – Build an eCommerce Email List and Convert Today All the Tools and Methods You Need to Get People to Subscribe to Your List It’s not necessarily required to place a heavy emphasis on your eCommerce website’s general conversion rate. You’ll mostly want to spend some time on first-time guests, especially from low-intent […]