How to Write an Email Sequence

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It’s tough to keep up with the types of emails that you need when you are trying to run your business.  Most new business owners struggle with creating effective email campaigns that actually convert.  They send out one email, and you never hear from them again, or you do a year later. As a result, […]

The Top 17 FREE Email Marketing Templates in 2022

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Why not use a template to save time and energy when writing your next email? Grabbing the reader’s attention is key to ensuring that they read and engage with your content!  A great design determines whether they read it or trash it. It’s important to get your message across in a way that will capture […]

The Ultimate Guide to Abandoned Cart Recovery

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This is the ultimate guide to abandoned cart recovery. Shopping cart abandonment is a major problem for online stores.  In fact, it’s estimated that almost 70% of all shopping carts are abandoned. That’s a lot of lost sales! Cart abandonment emails offer a great way to recover lost sales. They’re effective at getting customers who […]

The ULTIMATE GUIDE for eCommerce Payment Methods

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69 Vital Things You Need to Know for a PERFECT Checkout System The world today is fastly becoming more and more digitally intensive. If you have any kind of business, you are bound to promote it and sell your items online one way or another. And for that, you need trusted and reliable payment methods. […]

The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing Tactics

The Ultimate Guide To Email Marketing Tactics

Email marketing can be a great way to keep in touch with your customers, promote new products, and increase sales, but it can also be challenging to know where to start when it comes to your Shopify store.  Without the right tools and knowledge, email marketing for any eCommerce store can seem daunting.  It’s hard […]

How Do You Know That Your eCommerce Emails are Working?

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It’s hard to know if your eCommerce emails are effective. You might be sending a lot of them, but how do you know if they’re actually making a difference?  It can be hard to tell whether your eCommerce emails have the desired effect. You might not be sure if people are opening them, clicking through, […]

How Your B2B Can Benefit From Email Marketing

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When you don’t take advantage of email marketing for your business, you miss out on many profitable opportunities and benefits. Without email marketing, you will… Miss out on engaging and funnelling better-qualified prospects; Effectively lose customers who will bounce or abandon their carts on your site; Not have a core channel to guide your clients […]

How Does Email Marketing Improve Your Revenue?

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In business today, you cannot leave out digital marketing options. And if you’re going to sell well, you need to promote your business through digital marketing channels. One of the most impactful channels that you can use is email. Everyone uses email. And consumers check their inboxes every day. So if you want to take […]

How to improve email deliverability (9 Tips that Work)

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In making a success of their brand, eCommerce retailers should know that email marketing is a crucial element for remaining top-of-mind with their customers. The reason is simple: Email marketing makes money. In fact, campaigns that utilize email marketing strategies guarantee an average of $36 ROI for every $1 spent! Maybe you’ve seen the success […]