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For every $1 spent on email, you can get $42 back!*

That’s a 4,200% ROI that you're missing!


Email Consultant

For all your eCommerce objectives

If you are looking to reach out to more clients and keep them coming back to buy from you, or to build brand loyalty and create sustainable business practices, we are the email marketing consultant firm that you need.

Run Profitable Email Campaigns

Ensure better email ROI with an email marketing consultant.

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Monthly revenue increase

Supplement Brand

Develop Solid Customer Retention

Sell, re-sell, and earn more.

We help you funnel users and clients to keep coming back to your site to buy.

Increase Customer Lifetime Value

From visitors to loyal customers.

We will guide you through email marketing that transforms shoppers into loyal clientele.

  • Fastest Growth

    Increase in 90 days

  • Top-Tier Support

    International team

  • Bespoke Services

    Exactly what you need

  • Sustainable Results

    Continued growth

Your Smart Email Solutions

All great businesses have a great brand. A brand is your company’s voice and we will help you to make yours ring out above all others. 

With our email marketing consulting services, we will help you to consistently increase your brand recognitin to attract new customers.

We can assist you with capturing the attention of your target market, keeping them engaged with your brand and potentially improving your business results.


Emails that go unread are a waste of marketing money. Instead of trying and failing on your own, why not hire a professional to develop zero-fail email campaigns for you?

Writing read-worthy emails requires technical skills. And you’ll only receive the greatest results with our top-tier consultant marketing email services.

We’ll make sure you’re sending emails with the proper appearance and content to engage the right people and lead them to your company.

You don’t have to do everything yourself. Let an email marketing specialist help you with your campaigns.

We can help you create and execute high-quality, and successful email marketing.

With our email marketing consulting services, you will be able to infiltrate your audience’s inboxes and drive traffic to your online store.

Email Marketing Consultant

Achieve Better Sales With an Email Marketing Specialist

With our email marketing consulting services, you will have expert guidance as you build your mailing lists, create copy, and implement campaigns. From newsletters to onboarding and customer recovery, we have got your back!

Our Awards & Recognitions

Trusted by Startups, Entrepreneurs, and Business Owners

KAMG will help you implement the best email marketing campaigns with our top-tier tracking, responsive designs, targeted content, and more. We can help you boost your subscriptions, traffic, sales, and revenue.


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Email Marketing Consultant

KAMG has received numerous honours as a top provider of consultant email marketing. We can help you run email campaigns guaranteed to boost traffic, and customer retention and lifetime value.

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that we helped succeed. 


Improve Your Email ROI

Email marketing and newsletter can be technically complicated. With the help of a team which has given hundreds of hours of effective consultation to businesses, results are only an email away. 


Check Out Our Work!

Read the stories about some of our most successful clients.


increase in monthly revenue.

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Client Nutrition

Better Performance

Consumers won’t move towards your business if you don’t do anything to nurture them. Learn how KAMG increased this company's monthly revenue by over $269,863.


increase in monthly revenue.

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Great Potential

Email marketing is a powerful tool. You can earn up to $42 for every $1 spent on email marketing. It’s easy. When you know what you are doing.


from 1 email.

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Amazing Results

Yes you read that correctly. Over $80,000 in sales from one email. Learn how KAMG did that and more.

Our Process​

Our tried and tested method to bring you results.

1. Discovery Call

Getting to know each other.

Fill out our contact form, and we will personally reach out to you ASAP, within 24 hours. Then, we will set up a meeting to get to know you and what our email services can do for you.  We will see what has been done, assess what’s going on, and look into the gaps where you could improve.

2. Market Research

Understanding your market.

After we talk about your market and finalise the goals and results that you want to achieve, we will start researching. We will analyse your audience and discover how best to engage them. We will consider their demographics, online behaviour, and other metrics that will ensure we create the right campaigns.

3. Strategising

Creating new possibilities.

We will propose possible email marketing solutions for your business challenges. We will test your emails rigorously so that only the most effective and engaging ones will reach your audiences’ inbox. Then we will implement efficient automations that will effectively get your emails to the right people at the right time.

4. Implementation

Getting things going.

Then it’s time to start your new email campaign. And we guarantee that we will do all the heavy lifting for you. We will also ensure that we work seamlessly with you and around your business processes that are already in place. Simply continue focusing on your business, and we will push the pedal as you wait for better results.

5. Analytics & Reporting

Constant monitoring & transparency.

We will send you regular reports to show what’s going on with your business regarding our ongoing project and we will equip you with powerful tracking tools so that you are constantly updated on our progress. And we guarantee that you will receive quick responses from our international team, working 24/7 on your campaign.

6. Ongoing Optimisation

Reaching the next level.

Once we complete your email marketing project, you can constantly engage your audience with all the work that’s been done. You will enjoy more subscribers, better traffic coming in, and greater revenue that will allow you to expand your eCommerce. We will ensure that we will close your project with your email marketing fully optimised that continues to help you to grow.

Why Us?

Email Marketing ConsultantEmail Marketing ConsultantFreelancer or Inhouse
CostYou get the services of an entire team of senior email marketing experts with top-class tools.These can cost as much as our entire team. But a freelancer is just one person and DIY costs your time.
QualityOur seasoned team of email experts will manage your campaigns, guaranteeing results.With these options, you are essentially starting from scratch. You could be at risk of erratic emails.
RiskWe are an established agency in our field. You can be sure that you will get your ROI.Your new hire could still be experimenting with email marketing. Your business can be at risk.
SpeedWe are an international team. We make sure that work is being done even while you sleep.One person cannot do email campaign prep faster than a team spread across the globe.
ConvenienceYou don’t have to manage us. We will do everything for you and all you have to do is enjoy the benefits.With a freelancer or an inhouse email marketer, you will have to do follow-ups and management.
ResultsWe won’t stop until you get better business results. We can guarantee maximum ROI from your emails.A freelancer or inhouse hire cannot accomplish your goals effectively without your supervision.


Frequently Asked Questions​

Email consultancy services entail that you come to us for advice and we tell you what to do.

You can come to us for help if you have an issue with your ongoing email campaign, whether it be your B2B emails or newsletters.

You can come to us for help if you are starting your eCommerce emails or newsletters from scratch.

If there is anything you need when it comes to emails, we will present you with the best solutions to guarantee profitable results.

Part of our consultation service is monitoring.

We will show you a live feed that shows the performance of your emails in detail and in real-time.

You will see an overview of your campaigns, open rates, click-through rates, and conversions. Based on the data, we will analyse your situation and tell you what you can do to improve it.

The price for email consultation will depend on the length of the entire process and the difficulty of the solutions you need.

We might have to employ special tools for more complex challenges, which will affect the overall price of the service.

The best thing about this is that customising the service to target your problems and fix them means that the solution is guaranteed to be permanent and will significantly impact your business.

Cheaply done consultancy work will only result in unresolved problems that will waste your money.

Go for quality with KAMG.


We will make instructions and advice easy for you.


We can produce pre-recorded videos, have a live video call, send you written instructions with graphics, and more.


We understand that individuals have different preferences regarding learning and instructions. Hence, we make our consultation flexible.


We can also have an in-house or face to face meeting with you if health standards allow.

Yes. As long as there is no language barrier, we can cater to you wherever you are.

Yes. We will do everything needed to get things going with your business and emails. If you need us to talk to your team or teach a group, we will do it.

There is no average price for our email marketing consulting services but we can guarantee that you will get maximum ROI with the campaigns we will help you with.

You need consultant marketing email services if you are having trouble having success in your email campaigns, don’t have time to do your email marketing, or are looking for a better and more efficient way to scale.

You know that you need the help of a conversion rate optimization agency when you have no time to improve your website to make it sell more.

Whether you are trying to scale up or are having some troubles with your sales, you can hire conversion rate experts to see that your website brings you revenue.

Your smartest way is to get KAMG, the agency that can give you the best conversion rate optimisation service London has to offer.

If you are confident in your website’s CRO, you may no longer opt for a conversion rate optimisation agency. However, you might still need an external conversion rate optimisation audit to make sure that you’re doing things right.

And to do that, you may still want to find a conversion rate optimisation specialist to help you.

Whether you are doing your own CRO or need someone to start doing it for you, our conversion rate agency can help you with a complete audit.

CRO auditing is part of our conversion rate optimisation services.