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Improve your eCommerce website’s organic traffic with our Joomla SEO services. By ranking your web content on search results, we can help you reach more shoppers.

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Drive more business to your pages with SEO for Joomla site services.

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Reach new audiences.

KAMG ensures that your content shows on SERPs, bringing you more traffic.

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Rank higher on SERPs.

Our SEO ensures that the market finds your Joomla content on top of results.

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Leigh is the top Sales Mindset Consultant in the world, serving brands like British Airways, Natwest, Oracle and Harrods. We had to ensure that every approach we explored digitally was in line with her brand and calibre of work. Ultimately with what started as a LinkedIn marketing campaign followed through to become a growth marketing relationship, leading to an increase in growth across the board.

How does KAMG identify my business needs?​

Smart SEO Solutions for Your Joomla
eCommerce Site

By having KAMG optimize your website and its pages for the most appropriate keywords and content, you can ensure that the correct audience sees your services on SERPs. This will help you attract more visitors and customers to your Joomla site.

Our Joomla SEO agency makes sure that users find your content so you can funnel them to your website.

Our Joomla CMS SEO services ensure that your website content ranks higher than that of your competitors in search engines.

We’ll optimize your Joomla site so that your content comes first in search results when people search for queries related to the items and services you offer.

You don’t have to deal with SEO on your own and add more tasks to your already busy schedule. You also won’t have to deal with the stress of dealing with its complex technicalities, which can take up a significant amount of your time.

KAMG will do everything for you.

You will no longer have to be bothered by statistics, SEO market research, and other highly technical variables. All you need to do is watch your organic traffic rise as we take care of all the work.

  • With leading strategies and ongoing optimizations our SEO for Joomla site will get you to the first page of Google every time. We integrate the best practices for your Joomla SEO and perfect your website so it can effectively be found on search engines.

  • When we get you to the top of Google, people find you and those people turn into site traffic, and then into your customers. Our Joomla SEO services make sure that you will get customers from people searching queries related to your business.

  • Our dedicated Joomla SEO expert team can identify even the smallest errors or strategies that may be blocking your visibility. Our team corrects that and takes you to the top. No error is left behind and no issue is not addressed.
Joomla Seo

Transform Your Joomla Site Into A High Converting Machine

Your Joomla CMS website is your 24/7 access station. You want your site to be able to pitch your product or service and be as attractive as possible to customers. Our expert SEO team will get it performing at its optimal level as soon as possible.

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Our Joomla SEO agency ensures that web visitors searching for products, services, and subjects in your niche will find your content in higher SERP rankings, improving your traffic and conversion potentials.


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KAMG has been recognised and awarded for its excellent work in CMS SEO. If you want shoppers to find you on search engines so you can drive more traffic to your website, it’s time to collaborate with us

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How can you be sure of our work?

We are Joomla eCommerce site SEO experts with collectively more than thirty five years of helping people implement successful optimization on the platform. Join more than a thousand of our clients who continuously hit above their revenue by having our services.


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more visitors per month.

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Better Performance

SEO done well will ensure that you will top search results, attract larger audiences, and bring more shoppers to your eCommerce site. Learn how KAMG ensures that you will never lose out.


more visitors per month.

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Great Potential

Remember that no matter how good you make your website, it won’t make you the money you want if you are not able to reach the people you want. Learn how with KAMG.

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organic traffic.

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Amazing Results

With effective research and solid strategies great results can be achieved. Including, in this client's case, massive growth in organic traffic and 22,000 extra visitors per month.

Our Process​

Our tried and tested method to bring you results.

1. Discovery Call

Getting to know each other.

Fill out our contact form, and we will personally reach out to you ASAP, within 24 hours. Then, we will set up a meeting to get to know you and what our search engine optimization services can do for you.  We will see what has been done, assess what’s going on, and look into the gaps where you could improve.

2. Market Research

Understanding your market.

After we talk about your market and finalise the goals and results you want to achieve, we will start researching. We will analyse your audience and see what keywords, search engines, and online platforms that they use. We will look into who is interested in your business niche and where we should show up for them to find on the internet.

3. Strategising

Creating new possibilities.

We will propose the best possible SEO solutions for your website or online store. Whether you are creating your website from scratch or improving the content of an existing one, we will prepare everything, so that the process is seamless and to integrate our work with any established systems that you might have.

4. Implementation

Getting things going.

Then it’s time to start optimising your website. And we guarantee that we will do all the heavy lifting for you. We will implement the copy, content, linking, technical work, and anything else. Simply continue focusing on your business, and we will push the pedal as you wait for better results.

5. Analytics & Reporting

Constant monitoring & transparency.

We will send you regular reports to show what’s going on with your website regarding our optimization. We will equip you with powerful tracking tools so that you are constantly updated on our progress. And we guarantee that you will receive quick responses from our international team, working 24/7 on your project.

6. Ongoing Optimisation

Reaching the next level.

Once we complete your SEO project, you enjoy better, higher quality organic traffic with the work that’s been done. You will enjoy more users and potential purchases that will allow you to expand. We will ensure that we will close your project with an eCommerce site that will enable you to continue to grow.

Why Us?

ArrowsJoomla SeoInhouse or Freelance
CostYou get the services of an entire team of senior optimization experts with top-class tools.These can cost as much as our entire team. But a freelancer is just one person and DIY costs your time.
QualityOur seasoned team of search engine optimization experts will make your website shop-worthy.With these options, you are essentially starting from scratch. You can be prone to erratic SEO.
RiskWe are an established agency in our field. You can be sure that you will rank and get the traffic. Your new hire could still be experimenting with SEO. Your website can be at risk of mistakes.
SpeedWe are an international team. We make sure that work is being done even while you sleep.One person cannot optimize your content faster than a team that’s spread across the globe.
ConvenienceYou don’t have to manage us. We will do everything for you and all you have to do is enjoy the benefits. With a freelancer or an inhouse employee, you will have to do follow-ups and management.
ResultsWe won’t stop until you rank for your keywords. We can guarantee maximum traffic from search to your site.A freelancer or inhouse hire cannot accomplish your goals effectively without your supervision.


Frequently Asked Questions​

There is, in fact, built-in SEO support within Joomla. And it’s quite user friendly.

Users have the ability to define and place their metatags, customise the URL and determine how their page can be displayed. In addition, there are also extensions that can be used to help your SEO.

Indexing your Joomla website is a great first step to improving your SEO. To do this, you will need a sitemap for your site.

A sitemap is simply an XML file that contains all the links that are a part of your site.

After you have your sitemap, it and your website must be submitted to Google; this allows them to crawl through your content faster in the future, and then you’re all done!

Backlinks for your Joomla site can be obtained in various ways – you could utilise forum signatures or have banners with a text link embedded. You can even buy them; this, however, carries risk as it violates Google’s Webmaster policy. 

An ideal way to obtain quality backlinks for your site is by submitting blog articles to famous websites relevant to your niche. This not only gets you good links but web traffic.

Two of the most popular plugins that you can use to help boost your SEO are Sh404sef and ArtioJoomSEF.

Sh404SEF has multiple useful features including URL management, support for platforms such as Google News, and more.

ArtioJoomSEF is similar to Sh404, and also offers 301 redirects, 404 custom pages and connects easily to Google Analytics.

Xmap is a widely used plugin that is designed for use with your sitemap. It seamlessly generates XML and HTML sitemaps for your website.

While Joomla can be straightforward for many business owners to use, the SEO work can be highly technical. It would be best if you hand your SEO to a team who will take the burdens of highly technical work from you.

Also, SEO can take too much of your time. So you are better off focusing on other aspects of your business while someone else does your SEO.

If you are any business owner who is using Joomla as your eCommerce CMS platform, you need to do SEO.

If not, when consumers search the web for topics and solutions related to your business niche, they will find your competitors instead of you.

While Joomla has a uniform structure across websites, your company is unique, and your situation is unlike other businesses. Hence, we cannot simply put a price because our SEO services are highly customised to your needs.

If you want a free price check, leave your details on our contact form, and we will show you all of your bespoke options and potential SEO marketing costs.

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