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Facebook advertising and social media marketing can seem simple when you gloss over the essential principles. It is basically engaging your audiences in comments and posts while posting ads by clicking the “boost” button on your content.

But there is more to that than you might think. This is because running Facebook Ads requires more than just creating a nice image, posting it, and clicking “boost.” Especially since boosting costs money. 

When you are running a Facebook ad campaign, you will need to:

  • Implement in-depth market research and demographic analysis;
  • Test your ad content, including design, copy, and even landing pages;
  • Implement some SEO on your content;
  • Structure the automation right and more.

You will need an ample amount of expertise to ensure that you are doing Facebook ads right, or you will be wasting money on ad spending.

Also, you could damage your brand’s reputation as Facebook users who are not your correct target audience can flag your ads as irrelevant. You don’t want people to associate your company and content with “spamminess.”

The best way for you to ensure excellent returns and zero-fail social media ads is with a senior team of marketers like KAMG.

Take one of our previous clients, for example – a company selling online courses to a niche market. They had good success until specific tech changes happened and their sales plummeted.

They didn’t know what to do and had to stick to a manageable budget. 

They needed the right marketing solution that wouldn’t cost too much and yet do the job effectively.

They had to make sure things will work, or they will lose too much already.

We implemented strategic interventions that, in 4 weeks, gave them the results they wanted.

  • They only spent $1000 on Facebook ads with us; and
  • Generated $5000 return with the ad spend.

That’s $5 for every $1 spent – 500% ROI!


Charlie Stevens
Charlie Stevens
CEO, Bullion Box Subscriptions
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"We set goals that might seem out of sight, but Kas just wants to crush them."
CEO and Founder of Pulse Pixel
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"The workflow is perfect, couldn't have been better."
Roe Morris
Roe Morris
Co-Founder Brutal Buddha
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"They have taken a unique approach to our brand that didn't feel imitative."
Simon Matt
Simon Matt
CMO of Trackinsight
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"They are highly expert in their field, but I was most impressed by the service levels and responsiveness."
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