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How to Write a Newsletter Email

Tips and Strategies for Creating Newsletters and Running Email Campaigns that Convert!

Right now, around 100,000+ people are hovering above the unsubscribe button, and, your emails could be one of the things people are trying to avoid.

Imagine your audiences associating your emails with spam and irrelevant content. As a result, they will have a minimum mistrust in your brand, and it will be hard for you to win them over for conversions.

If you are having a hard time figuring out what’s wrong with your emails, you may be creating them with the wrong perspective.

You have to put things into place.

Newsletters bombard and seriously spam our inboxes. Countless brands constantly thrust discount codes, special promos, and updates and in your face, pinging smartphones endlessly.

But, email marketing is a must-have for businesses, and it entails newsletters. How else are you going to reach out to 3.9 billion global email users?

Plus, for every $1 you spend on emails, you will get $42 in return. That’s a 4,200% ROI!

But, with 9 out of 10 marketers utilizing email marketing, how will you do things differently and stand out? 

Email marketing and sending newsletters are always worth the work. But, there are many things you have to consider if you are to successfully run your campaigns and get the traffic and conversions you want.

You have to nail the subject line.

While the body or content of your newsletter is vital, it won’t matter if the subject line is dull and causes the recipient to delete the email.

You have to nail the subject line.

When your email lands in the inbox, there is no guarantee that the recipient will open it if you didn’t perfect your subject line. So, it would be best if you had excellent writing from you or your team’s copywriter.

How To Write A Newsletter Email

It would be best if you had a writer with a gift of gab and excellent wit and you should make your fantastic one-liners in ten or fewer words.

Dash the subject line with humor. Also, sprinkle a couple of emojis for memorability and relatability.

A/B test your subject lines if you have to ensure that it grabs people’s attention and pulls their emotions.

Write the copy with a few words and keep things brief.

Many teams commit the mistake of trying to give the reader everything they want them to know. Unfortunately, this approach does not work well for newsletters.

It would be best if you write your emails with as few words as possible.

Now, writing copy is already a big job in itself, and it takes a significant amount of time and expertise for you to prepare hundreds of emails – yes, you can’t just make one 50-piece set for all types of audiences.

Remember that you will still have to categorize recipients and personalize content for each level of engagement. Also, you will have to automate them using an email marketing tool.

The bulk of work and technical necessities for newsletters and email campaigns can be daunting when you face it alone or with an in-house team you need to manage closely.

As a business owner, your time is already stretched in family, personal stuff, brand and product development, operations, and management. Do not kill yourself with overwork.

Hand the work to an expert email marketing team outsource and get the 4,200% ROI conveniently.

Treat newsletters like a display window.

Someone seeing your newsletter is like a person walking by a store’s display window. If the display is excellent, attention will be paid.

You have to put suggestions and exciting insights about what they can experience when they enter the store. But, if your shop display window is all over the place and too busy without focus, it would not entice anyone to take a look inside the store.

You have to beautifully design the display and think through all the elements, making sure they will entice people’s interest.

The design and curation of the display are greater than the sum of its elements. Hence, the enticement comes less from what you say and more from the show.

Make things easy and pleasant on the eyes.

Embrace the white space. If possible, keep each paragraph at two sentences only.

Also, you can employ eye-catching visuals that will help your narrative.

Remember that a person can lose interest and attention within a few seconds, mainly because of the sell-out stigma of business emails and newsletters.

How To Write A Newsletter Email

Your emails have to become visually easy to digest for your readers. Make things minimal – the less, the better.

Of course, you can go the other way around if you are trying to make some dramatic effects or if your niche approves.

Make your Call-To-Action clear.

Your call-to-action will be what you want the reader to do as a result of reading your email. It can be to check an item on your menu on the website or go to your blog, etc.

Make sure that you only put one CTA so that you can focus your narrative and the reader’s attention on one thing.

Make a point of the email clear and be decisive about your expected actions.

Point your emails correctly to the right target.

First of all, you must be sure about your niche audience. Are you targeting gamers, IG fashion followers, sports lovers, or fitness enthusiasts?

Then, please understand that there are different levels of engagement that people have with your brand.

There are those who just learned about your brand, people who have visited the site and shopped but abandoned carts, customers that haven’t returned yet, loyal patrons, those who lost interest, and more.

You will have to categorize your mailing lists depending on what level of engagement they have with you. Then, you should customize your emails for each category.

Here’s a solid example of categorized email lists and what the audiences are. We use this for B2B or business-to-business brands.

Newsletter Flow

  • Send general eCommerce emails every two weeks to people who subscribed via the newsletter form.
  • Show evidence and expertise of our quality service via exciting stories and case studies.

Booked Call

  • Confirm that a call is booked.

Gone Cold

  • Follow up somebody who reached out to do business but has now disappeared.
  • Win them over with a special offer and evidence via case studies and entice them with ROI predictions.

Contact Form

  • Request somebody to book a call after using the contact form.
  • Give them easy options so they won’t have a hard time thinking about a schedule.

Discovery – No Show

  • Tell those who didn’t show up to the initial discovery call that we are still open to meeting.
  • When needed, use scarcity by subtly saying that another client is rushing for the service.

Presentation Call – No Show

  • Inform those who didn’t show up to the initial proposal presentation call that we are willing to adjust the schedule.
  • When needed, use scarcity by subtly saying that another client is rushing for the service.

Proposal Send Off Template

  • Send personalized emails using the template, targeting leads ready for a proposal after a presentation call.

Onboarding Email Flows

  • The first three emails will be onboarding or acquainting the new client to the team and process.
  • The next ones are constant eCommerce hacks to keep their trust in our authority and subtly nudge them to get more of our services.
  • Keep the current customers excited for the results and faithfully trusting the service.

Deal Lost

  • Send a survey-type email thanking them for considering us.
  • Then, send a second and third email giving them free tools like an eBook or a webinar.

LinkedIn Message

  • The first email is a hello message.
  • The second email is a free conversion hack piece.
  • Continue engaging with them using our newsletters.

Free eBook

  • Send the eBook to people who entered their email via the free ebook contact form on the website.
  • Continue engaging with them using our newsletters.

Free Ecommerce Hacks

  • Send a free conversion hack piece to people who entered their email via the free eCommerce hacks contact form on the website.
  • Continue engaging with them using our newsletters.


You have to personalize your emails to fit the kind of audience you are engaging. 

Personalized emails increase open rates and revenue by up to 760%.

This is so because personalization makes audiences feel that they get more relevant, individualized content tailor-made for them.

When you personalize your emails and categorize your mailing lists properly, it should be troublesome for you to automate them.

Here are our top 7 picks for email automation tools.

  1. Mailchimp (
  2. Sendinblue (
  3. Drip (
  4. Mailjet (
  5. Infusionsoft (
  6. ConvertKit (
  7. Active Campaign (

Email marketing and newsletters will give you excellent returns when done right.

Work smart.


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