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At KAMG we only hire the best and the brightest to ensure the service you get is second to none. We also have a lot of fun. It’s all part of the process!

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Meet The Team
Kas Andz

Kas Andz

Founder and CEO

7 Years Digital Marketing
Avid Dog Lover

Meet Kas Andz!
Your Marketing Team Leader

Kas is an award winning marketer, hitting record sales targets for large entities such as Revolut , Cakebox, and Gladfish. Kas’s unique approach towards email marketing has allowed him to achieve an additional 300% revenue return for his happy clients.

Kas is now opening the doors and mentoring marketers to expand his reach to help you.

Previous Projects
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Rip It UpEmail450+ Signups
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The Sales Consultancy
The Sales ConsultancyDigital Marketing Growth39% Conversion Rate Increase

eCommerce Can Be Tough

Let Us Do The Heavy Lifting For You

Growth Hackers

Understanding your target audience allows us to cater to what they want. From that point, growing your following, list, and ultimately sales becomes second nature.


Our team hails from 8 different countries and 5 continents around the world! Our diverse team gives us the advantage of being able to market to everyone and sell anything!


English is great but our diverse team allows us to help you market in your location’s native language.


The internet and its awesomeness unites us as our family. And we love it! We live and breathe the world wide web and how to get others on board and converting!


Our team lunches are cultural and awesome! We love to laugh and share together!


Let’s face it, life is an awesome adventure and we want to share that with you. From hills and mountain tops, to email marketing. Let’s do this!

Meet The Team
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Why the Kas Andz Marketing Group
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Top Rated 2021

We Are a Multi-Award Winning Marketing Group

Every year we receive recognition from prominent eCommerce and digital marketing authorities, a testament to our quality service and results.

Find Everything You Need for Your eCommerce Store

Digital marketing can be difficult and the competition is harsh. Hand the work to the experts.

Email Services

Streamline your email marketing with us. We will do everything, create your list, write your content, run your automation, and, most importantly, ensure that your audience is nurtured into conversion

CRO Services

Save 80% on ad spend with our Conversion Rate Optimization services. We guarantee excellent UX/UI with streamlined design, navigation, and content that will turn users into your loyal patrons.

SEO Services

Let your audience find you with our Search Engine Optimization services. We will ensure that your pages and online content will show up and rank in search results, bringing traffic and conversions to your website.

PPC Services

With our PPC services, you will have close expert management of your PPC campaigns. We will develop your strategy, manage the implementation and do everything needed like copy, content, and more.

eCommerce PR

Upgrade your visibility and industry authority with our world-class PR services. We turn your messaging into a PR strategy that will resonate with media targets, market analysts, potential investors, and audiences.

eCommerce Facebook Ads

We will strategise your campaigns, run your ads, and closely manage everything at all levels. With our services, you can ensure that you will get your ideal ROI or more than that – all without breaking a sweat.

Frequently Asked Questions​

Our business is helping people with their eCommerce needs. 

Also, we deal in marketing including services pertaining to ads, PR, content, and more. We will help you get the attention you need to bring to your business.

So essentially we are your eCommerce business’ best friend. We take away the burdens of technical work and complex codes that come with web development and marketing – we do the nitty-gritty for you.

We can serve you wherever you come from as long as we understand each other. Our clientele covers any English-speaking market and we have had collaborations with business owners from the US, UK, Europe, Canada, Asia, Oceania, and the rest of the world.

If you are looking for virtual assistants who will do your clerical work, business operations, errands, and administrative work, we cannot do it for you.

If you are a content writer, marketer,  SEO specialist, CRO professional, social media expert, or anyone who has know-how on advertising, marketing, and eCommerce, you are welcome to pitch yourself to us.

Simply leave a message telling us of your intent and let’s talk about it.

Yes. While our HQ is in London, we have a global workforce spanning Europe, Africa and Asia with members across many time zones. This helps us cater to queries and requests, and do our job 24/7.

So if you are anywhere in the world and want to collaborate with us, you are more than welcome.

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Senior eCommerce Specialists

Our team is an elite group of seasoned professionals in the field of eCommerce, marketing, advertising, press relations, web development, CRO, SEO, social media, and all things online and business. We have been working together for more than 35 years and have generated millions in revenue for our clients.