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Collaborate with a team of senior marketers who can quickly expand your reach.

With experts from the United Kingdom, Israel, South Africa, Australia, Pakistan, the United States, Canada, and the Phillipines you have a top-class marketing team working on your project 24/7. 

And you can even level up your eCommerce to a global scale.

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We are a full-service digital marketing agency that specialises in eCommerce marketing. We have helped companies of all sizes grow their revenue by using the latest digital marketing strategies and techniques. We offer a range of services, including SEO, PPC advertising, social media management, email marketing, PR and more. We also provide consultation services for anyone who needs help with their eCommerce store. If you would like to learn more about our services, feel free to contact us anytime!

Kas Aanz

Kas Andz


Meet Our Founder

Expert Leadership for Sustainable Growth

Kas is a multi-award-winning marketing leader, hitting record sales targets for eCommerce companies small and large. He has helped brands like Everest, Cakebox, BullionBox Subscriptions and many others achieve up to 300% more in revenue and to expand sustainably.

With him leading our agency, he has opened the doors for you to get no-fail marketing services that will allow you to level up and achieve your business goals.

We Are Ready for Your Next Project

Each of our team leaders and members are highly experienced with the expertise and specialisations that you need to exponentially increase your business metrics and revenue. We are globally distributed and active 24/7 – ready to respond to your queries and requests any time you need us. We are SEO, PPC, email marketing, social media and PR nerds always looking out to help you SKYROCKET your business.



Chief of Operations

5 teams managed across 8 countries

Rehan Saleem


Chief Technology Officer

131 400 hours spent coding

Meet The Team


Head of Content

2 978 442 words written



Customer Happiness Assistant

7,865 clients satisfied

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Head Of SEO

690 809 Pages Top Ranked

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Executive Assistant

Worked with international teams in 7 countries



Content Writer

Over 100 000 words written

Image 1


Operations Lead

89 987 goals helped achieve



Head of Copywriting

50+ books ghostwritten for e-publishing

Image 2


Head of Facebook Ads

Managing millions in ad spend



Project Lead

£51.6bn Assets under management

Vishal F


Head of Technical Email Strategy

98,097 Successful Campaigns

Image 4


Business Development Executive

Raised over 50k across 5 years of fundraising

Image 8


Marketing Assistant

4698 marketing projects finished

Hamza Final


Tech Lead

5369 projects finished coding

Sushi 500 1


Head of Sales

6350 shopping carts chased

Let Us Do the Marketing Work Simply Enjoy the Results

Whether you are a start-up or an established firm, your brand can always benefit from a boost. So if you are looking for your first marketing team, seeking to outsource someone who can help you do less of the work or simply need a consultation, we can do the job.

We bring a laser focus to your project while seamlessly integrating with your personnel and processes, ensuring that you achieve your targeted business goals. With us behind you, you can focus on other aspects of your eCommerce and life, knowing capable hands are guiding your marketing campaigns. We’ll ease things up for you and return the best results.

Meet The Team

Team Up With US - We’re More than Marketers

We love life. And we understand that to live it fully, you need to achieve your dreams in both business and play. And we have found that our job of helping eCommerce companies to grow has continually led us to travel, make new memories and build excellent relationships that go past business. We want to be friends with you and friends help friends.

Growth Hackers

We love watching eCommerce websites grow and yield generously. And after years of helping one company after another, we have become well-established business growth hackers. We started with our own business, made connections with Go Daddy, Uber, Nike Plantir and more, and now, w


We are an international team composed of leaders and members deployed around the globe. We have embraced each other’s cultures, and of course, languages. So we’re not only fluent in marketing but also English (obviously), Spanish, Urdu, Afrikaans, Hindi, Lithuanian, Filipino and Cockney (if that counts).

Music Lovers

Definitely keep in mind that the energy and passion we use to grow your business metrics and goals is fuelled by music (alongside some tea, coffee and food). And we share the tracks we love with each other – our team chat is full of this. Music makes us collaborative more than just in terms of work but also vibe, taste and drive.


We love marathons, ultramarathons, endurance events, Muay Thai, Karate, swimming, cycling, CrossFit, rock climbing, abseiling, hiking and more. So yes, we have the energy of a teenager on energy drinks with the determination, persistence and focus of the guy from Taken. We do and finish.


We’ve travelled the world across more than 50 countries including India, South Africa, Venezuela, Kosovo, Botswana, America, Australia, Thailand and more. While enjoying the pleasures of travel, we have immersed ourselves in different cultures and perspectives, opening us to a deeper look into diverse markets.


We are SEO nerds, copywriters, analysts, designers, web devs, advertisers, PR reps, editors, engineers and more. We love what we do and we aren’t afraid to admit that we are eCommerce digital marketing geeks. So we make it our business to help you grow yours – technical work is the itch we scratch.

Wanna Join Our Team?

You are welcome to be part of our team. But take note that we’re not a typical 09:00-17:00 agency.

If you are looking to join us, be ready to work not based on office hours but on results delivered. But that’s complete with all the support and teamwork you need to do the best job. And we are looking only for the experts – we want our clients to only have the best. So if that’s you, let’s talk about how you can begin a new journey with the KAMG team.

Here are some of the awards we’ve been given through the years ☺️

Hire Only the Trusted

Multi-Awarded eCommerce Marketing Agency

After years of helping companies reach better revenue and expanse, we have been noticed and recognised by top marketing authorities. This is a testament to our success and the trust we get from our clients.

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Track Record

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Endorsed for Success

Certified Top-Class Marketing Agency

We have been recognised for our success in helping businesses to do their marketing smarter, easier, better. So if you’re looking to double your metrics, or just want to do less of the work, then let’s chat about your next project.

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Meet The Team

Track Record

Email Marketing Agencies 2021
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Meet The Team

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