Case Studies

Read the stories from some of successful clients.


monthly revenue increase.

Service Email
Client Nutrition

Winning on Email

Consumers only move towards your business if you actively nurture them. Learn how KAMG email services increased this client’s ROI by 36.98% and monthly revenue by $269,863+.


increase in monthly sales.

Service Email
Client Pet email

Targeted Emails

Not targeting the right customers with your ads will lose you money. KAMG's targated emails helped this client achieve generate $53,000+ in monthly sales.


increase in monthly revenue.

Service Email
Client Outdoor retail

Customized Emails

Non-personalized emails are 14% less likely to be opened. Learn how KAMG email services helped this client achieve a £120,000+ increase in sales by customizing their emails.


revenue increase in 30 days.

Service Email
Client Fashion

Amazing Results

Straightforward emails are more appealing. KAMG email services helped a fashion brand create cleaner streamlined emails, raising their profit by 23% in just 30 days.


increase in monthly sales.

Service Email
Client Home Appliances

The Power of Collab

Finding the right marketing agency that you can trust will cooperate with you is important. This home appliance company trusted KAMG and saw a £63,000 increase in monthly sales.


increase revenue in 60 days.

Service Email
Client Furniture

Better Profits

KAMG helped a furniture brand achieve 30% more revenue in 60 days with abandoned cart email campaigns and more marketing tactics.


increase in monthly sales.

Service Email
Client Food eCommerce

Dramatic Revenue

People hate irrelevant emails, which is why you should segment and personalise. KAMG helped a food seller customise their emails, resulting in a $157,000+ increase in revenue.


increase in monthly sales.

Service Email
Client Fitness Apparel

Fitness Apparel

Email marketing remains one of the best ways to connect with your customers. KAMG helped this fitness apparel company improve their emails which led to a 50% increase in monthly sales.


from 1 email.

Service Email
Client Fashion

$80k Sold, 1 Email

Yes you read that correctly. Over $80,000 in sales from one email. Learn how KAMG did that and more.

SEO Case Studies


more visitors per month.

Service SEO
Client Jewellery Retail

More Clients

SEO done well will ensure that you will top search results, attract larger audiences, and bring more shoppers to your site. Learn how KAMG ensures that you will never lose out.


keywords on Page 1.

Service SEO
Client Fulfillment

Better SEO Ranking

A strong website that shows up in SERPS is vital. KAMG helped a Canadian fitness business improve their SEO, and they were able to start generating 25k users per month.


more visitors per month.

Service SEO
Client eCommerce

More Site Visitors

There are 6.6 billion Google searches every day, SEO helps your website rank higher in those search results. KAMG helped this beauty and tech business utilize SEO to get 100 000 site visitors.


keywords on Page 1.

Service SEO
Client Martial Arts Training

Boost SEO Ranking

A martial arts gym was struggling to make themselves known in their area, KAMG helped revamp their SEO strategy and they began receiving 7,000 unique visitors every month.


more visitors per month.

Service SEO
Client Lighting Retail

More Customers

Remember that no matter how good you make your website it won’t make you the money you want if you are not able to reach the people you want. Learn how with KAMG.


more visitors per month.

Service SEO
Client Canadian Fitness

More Users per Month

SEO is vital. KAMG helped this Canadian fitness business improve their SEO strategy, and they started generating 25,000 users per month.


increase in organic traffic.

Service SEO
Client Virtual Reality

Amazing Results

With effective research and solid strategies great results can be achieved. Including massive growth in organic traffic and 22,000 extra visitors per month.


increase in organic traffic.

Service SEO
Client US Lead Generation

Better Site Traffic

Ranking high on SERPS can have a huge difference in customer conversion. KAMG worked with a US-based client to improve their SEO, and their site traffic increased by 41%


increase in organic traffic.

Service SEO
Client Art & Glass Supplies

Niche Targeting

KAMG worked with a glass and art business to target their very specialised customer base and helped them rank higher in search. They saw a 61% increase in customers.

Facebook Ads Case Studies


increase in ROI.

Service Social Media Ads
Client Adventure Services

300% Ads ROI

Posting an ad on Facebook won’t guarantee success. KAMG worked with a niche food brand to rework their Facebook ad strategy. Their ROI increased significantly.


increase in ROI.

Service Social Media Ads
Client Adventure Services

Ads Done Right

Facebook Ads done right can improve many business metrics - more shoppers, subscribers, clicks, and more from your audience. See how KAMG helped a company benefit these.


in revenue.

Service Social Media Ads
Client Promotions

$844,000 in Revenue

You want to be sure that you target the right people and design ads to appeal to them. KAMG helped a business with their product launches and they generated $844k in revenue.


increase in ROI.

Service Social Media Ads
Client Education

500% Ads ROI

Social media ads require a lot of research to have the right strategy. KAMG worked with a client advertising online courses on Facebook. They spent $1k on a campaign and saw a return of $5k.

PPC Case Studies

14.3 Million

ad clicks.

Service PPC Ads
Client Various

Better Performance

Pay-Per-Click advertising can help you get shoppers and return buyers while driving awareness of your brand. See how KAMG have helped clients achieve better traffic and retention with our PPC


increase in growth.

Service PPC Ads
Client Sales Consultancy

Great Potential

KAMG assisted one of the top-rated business consultancies in the UK, who hired us to make improvements to their advertising. We achieved a 23% increase in revenue growth for them. Learn how we did it.


new sign ups.

Service PPC Ads
Client Management Consultancy

Amazing Results

One of our best works was with a startup who asked us to do their cold email outreach and advertising campaigns. With our expert targeting and management, we were able to deliver great results.

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Streamline your email marketing with us. We will do everything, create your list, write your content, run your automation, and, most importantly, ensure that your audience is nurtured into conversion

SEO Services

Let your audience find you with our Search Engine Optimization services. We will ensure that your pages and online content will show up and rank in search results, bringing traffic and conversions to your website.

PPC Services

With our PPC services, you will have close expert management of your PPC campaigns. We will develop your strategy, manage the implementation and oversee everything needed like copy, content, and more.

Social Media Ads

We will strategise your campaigns, run your ads, and closely manage everything at all levels. With our services, you can ensure that you will get your ideal ROI or more than that – all without breaking a sweat.

CRO Services

Save 80% on ad spend with our Conversion Rate Optimization services. We guarantee excellent UX/UI with streamlined design, navigation, and content that will turn users into your loyal patrons.

eCommerce PR

Upgrade your visibility and industry authority with our world-class PR services. We turn your messaging into a PR strategy that will resonate with media targets, market analysts, potential investors, and audiences.

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