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What's your marketing headache?

I’m too busy to manage my Google Ad campaigns

As the saying goes, time is money. As a business owner, every single second of your day is valuable and you have to make some tough choices about where to invest your time.

Our Google Ads agency can do amazing things for your eCommerce business, but it takes a lot of experience, skill and time to get right. Let our award-winning team handle your PPC strategy and management so you can focus on building your business.

I’m spending too much on unsuccessful Google Ads

Marketing through Google Ads agency can be a game-changer for your business - if it’s done correctly. The key to effective PPC ads is targeting. You want to make sure that you’re only putting your ads in front of people who want to buy your products. Doing this will make sure the clicks you’re getting are most likely to lead to conversions. 

Mastering the intricacies of Google Ads takes flawless technical skill and practical experience, why not hand your ads to an agency that has both?

I’m not seeing results from my Google Ads campaigns

Return on Investment (ROI) is the goal of running ads. You want to make sure that you get more money out than what you put in. You can potentially reach hundreds of new customers if you nail your Google Ads strategy. There are many factors that contribute to a winning Google Ads agency campaign, from targeting to design, there is a lot that needs to be done.

We’ve helped businesses like yours achieve huge growth through precise targeting and unmatched optimization strategies, let us do the same for you.

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The Magic Behind Google Ads

Attract your perfect audience with flawless Google Ads

With over 4 billion active users, Google is undeniably the leading search engine in the world. You can take advantage of Google’s huge global reach by running ads on their platform.

With millions of Google Ads running every single day, the challenge is how to create ads that nobody can ignore. Customers have been conditioned to ignore ads, you need to create campaigns that get their attention. With our Google AdWords agency, you won’t waste time on ads that get ignored by your customers. Let’s chat about your project and see how we can help you achieve your goals.

Our support, your vision

Digital Marketing Done Right

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Fast Growth

With our expert management, our clients have achieved an average revenue boost of 20%-50% in the first month alone.

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Same-Day Support

We’ll never leave you waiting days for a response. When you send us a message or ask a question, you’ll hear back within minutes.

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No Trapped Contracts

No more commitment issues, our contracts run month-to-month. You can cancel anytime – but we know you won’t want to.

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Honest Results

Full transparency is one of our core values. You have full access to your dashboards, view your results in real-time whenever you want.

Our Awards & Recognitions

Google Ads Specialists

Each member of our Google Ads agency team has been handpicked for their proven track record as leaders in the industry. We have helped businesses achieve an amazing ROAS and we’ve picked up a few awards for our flawless work along the way.


Clients we have served


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Here are some of our greatest achievements

4.3 Million

In ad clicks

Better Performance

Pay-Per-Click advertising can help you get shoppers and return buyers, while also driving awareness of your brand. KAMG has helped clients achieve better traffic and retention with our expert PPC strategies.



Increase In growth

Potential Reached

KAMG assisted one of the top-rated business consultancies in the UK to make improvements to their advertising strategies. We achieved a 23% increase in revenue growth from our efforts.



New sign ups

Amazing Results

We implemented carefully targeted advertising campaigns based on thorough market research. With our expert management, we helped this startup achieve a huge increase in new client sign ups.


Our Process

How It Works

Google is the world’s leading search engine. With millions of daily active users, if you know how to nail Google Ads, you can expand your reach as far as possible. Our Google Ads specialists can help you get the best return on your ad spend, here’s how we get it done.

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Discovery Call

Getting to know each other

On our first call, we’ll chat about your business and you can tell us why you’re looking for a Google Ads agency. Once we understand what you need, we can put a package together for you.


Market Research

Understanding your market

Google Ads are the most effective when they’re precisely targeted to a specific audience. We’ll invest time into learning about your ideal audience and the best way to engage with them.

We’ll study your ideal audience, review your competitor’s ad strategy and brush up on all the latest Google algorithm changes and trends. We’ll learn everything we need to know.



Building the roadmap

Once we’re prepared, we can start to plan out our strategy. The benefit of having a Google Ads expert agency on your team is that you won’t have to lift a finger.

We’ll take your business’s unique goals, budget and timeline in mind when building your strategy so that we can hit all your benchmarks and get you an amazing ROI.



Getting the ball rolling

Once our strategy is mapped out, we can begin setting up and optimising your Google Ads dashboard, then we can get to work designing and scheduling your ads.

Starting on the right foot is essential. We take care to roll things out delicately and with precision. We don’t just set things up and go, we’ll keep an eye on the metrics and tweak and adjust the strategy as we go.


Analytics & Reporting

Full transparency, always

We have worked hard to become a fully honest and transparent AdWords marketing agency, you’ll always know where you stand with us.

If you ever have any questions, you’ll have a dedicated account manager who will be available to answer them. They will also provide in-depth Google Ads reports that outline the latest stats and metrics from your campaigns.


Ongoing Optimisation

Moving beyond expectations

The best Google Ads management agencies know that the campaigns need constant adjustments and tweaks to be successful.

We keep an eye on the campaigns and make changes as needed to get the best out of them.



Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? We can answer any other questions you may have on a call!

With CPC (Cost Per Click) and PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

If you’re looking for some input on your current campaigns and strategies, you can hire an AdWords PPC agency to take a look under the hood for you. Our consultants can audit your dashboards and metrics and guide you through improving your campaigns.

1. Search Network Campaigns – usually in text form, these ads are shown on Google Search results pages when someone searches for a product or service that’s similar to yours

2. Display Network Campaigns – these are image form ads, they appear on websites or apps that your customers visit

3. Video Campaigns – These are usually short videos, they’re typically played right before, or in the middle of, video content

4. Remarketing Ads – these ads are aimed at people that have previously interacted with your business online, the goal of these ads is to bring the customer back to your website

5. Google Shopping Ads – these advertise a specific product that you sell when a customer searches for something similar

6. Local Service Ads – this ad type helps customers in the local area find your business

7. Gmail Sponsored Promotions – these ads on the Google Display Network show ads directly in a customer’s Gmail inbox

One of the great things about Google Ads is that how much you decide to spend is totally flexible to your budget.

A Google Ads management company will handle everything for you, from initial market and trend research to strategy and implementation, you won’t have to worry about doing any of it on your own.

We tailor-make our packages for each client, book a call and we’ll chat about your goals and budget!

We’ve based our AdWords agency in London, but we work with clients across the globe! No matter where you are, you can count on our Google PPC services to boost your ROI.