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Pour over the variety of platforms KAMG has been featured on.


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Pour over the variety of platforms KAMG has been featured on


Best Email Marketing Agencies in England

Sortlist is a curated directory of some of the top agencies globally. The KAMG is proudly presented as the top Email Marketing Agency in the UK of 2020. New technologies and marketing metrics are helping to point toward the.


What Will Personalization 2.0 in 2020 Look Like?

New technologies and marketing metrics are helping to point toward the biggest trends email marketers will see in email personalization in 2020.


78 Experts Share Their Remote Working Tips

Productivity is a concern for modern management. As offices have seen productivity benefits of traditional, standardized and documented…


6 Things to DO during CoronaVirus

The world has been isolated, stunned, more than we’ve seen more than a jubilee, since WWII. This villain is different, this is a villain we can’t see…


Liberal Arts Degree Benefits `{`Liberal Arts Majors Comment`}`

For people wondering about the value of liberal arts degrees and what benefits they can bring, this post is a compilation of stories and comments…


The 7 Best Email Outreach Tactics (According to 21 Experts)

No matter what your outreach goal is, whether you want to close a sales deal or get a backlink from the site, having a great outreach tactic is a must…


The Magic of the Email Nurture Series

Business Nurturing is the science of building a relationship with your current and to be customers, prospects, and leads. This is best done with…


11 expert tips for customer service in 2020

Sanders started as a Nordstrom sales associate in Seattle in the late 1970s and within a few years, she’d moved quickly through the ranks…


27 Entrepreneurs Explain What Being A CEO Means To Them

Here at CBNation, we love to hear what being a CEO means to different entrepreneurs and CEOs. We understand it entails great responsibility…

Podcast Features


174: Skyrocket Your Business Growth with Kas Andz at The Dance Of Life Podcast with Tudor Alexander

My guest, Kas Andz, is the CEO and founder of an award-winning agency based in London that pours rocket fuel on business growth. He’s also a marathoner, high performance entrepreneur and – the best part – he’s only 21.

Living life “full out” is Kas’ motto after several long years of depression and failure, which motivated him to bootstrap his current company and live a life of meaning and contribution.


All or Nothing with International Lead Generation Expert, Kas Andz at #BIZ with Beard & Bald​

Kas Andz is the Co-Founder and CEO of KAMG, a multi-award-winning international Lead Generation agency in London!

He started the grind of entrepreneurship from his mum’s house leading to rapid growth has acquired clients like Revolut and VistaJet.. He’s since gone on to invest in algorithmic trading, deep dive into nootropics & entrepreneur performance and he is only 21!.


Digital Growth in 30 Days at Veteran On the Move

About this Episode Today we are honored to host Kas Andz on the show. Kas grew up near Russia and moved to the UK when he was 5. Kas is an entrepreneur and has started multiple businesses. But the KAMG business is different and growing fast. Key Points of Discussion Kas Andz introduction Kas’ transition and getting into business Learning for success Digital marketing business Advice for Entrepreneurs Useful software for small business owners Getting in touch with…


Rippling with Marketing Expert and All Around Good Guy Kas Andz The Ripple Effect Podcast with Steve Harper

I really enjoyed this conversation with Kas Andz from the Kas Andz Marketing Agency. It was quite a Ripple that brought us together and I know you’ll enjoy learning from this marketing wizard about entrepreneurship, marketing and just being a solid human being.

Really amazing guy that will touch your heart and your head.

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