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KAMG Scholarship Program

KAMG is one of the premier eCommerce marketing agencies in London with clients located across Europe, North America, the Middle East and Africa. We are dedicated to helping businesses get the most out of their eCommerce marketing efforts by driving innovative ideas and challenging the status quo. The world is evolving and so should our approaches. 

As a business that is innovative and progressive, we find it imperative to help future generations to do better and add to the innovation and progress pool. Our annual scholarship aims at working to this effect.

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Where does our Scholarship Help?

Our scholarship isn’t restricted to a particular school or educational institution. It’s an open annual scholarship worth US$1,000.00 that any student studying at any educational institution within the UK, the USA, and Australia can apply for.

Simple Application

All you need to do is follow a couple of simple instructions to submit your application.

No Fancy Criteria

It’s nothing you can’t crack. All we need from you is a great motivational application essay.

Entry is FREE

No application fees. So, there’s no reason why you should not apply.

Who Is Eligible for a KAMG Scholarship?

Any student who is currently studying any marketing or marketing-related program at any educational institution in the USA, the UK, or Australia is eligible to apply.

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How to Apply

If our scholarship interests you, please submit your essay of minimum 1200 words on the topic of “What are the future challenges of eCommerce marketing?

Applicants, please ensure that that your essay contains:

Additional essay requirements

Applications are to be submitted either via this onpage form or to the following address: [email protected] 


All applications must reach us no later than 31 July for the start of the September academic year. Applications for the January academic year need to be received by 30 November. 

Scholarship winners will be notified by email and announced in August and December respectfully.  Successful applicants will be displayed on our website.

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