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WooCommerce is an eCommerce platform that enables WordPress users to easily manage their eCommerce store. As mentioned, WooCommerce is a WordPress platform, open source, which means it’s free to use on its base level. 

Why choose WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is one of the most popular and flexible programs to use if you’re looking to manage your eCommerce shop. From the ease of use, template selection, managing one’s products, to managing everything from one’s mobile phone, WooCommerce has it covered.

The Basics

Like Shopify, the basic functionality of WooCommerce enables you to manage your eCommerce shop. From scratch, you select a template that fits your store’s theme and get ready to add departments/categories of products and individual products to sell to your customers. Each product gets tagged (for easy searching), and you will just need to add in the product details, price, images, and you’re all set!

The most significant advantage of WooCommerce, in addition to being on WordPress, is that the program scales as you do, from a startup eCommerce store to enterprise-sized companies. This is a considerable advantage as migrating platforms is one of the most challenging and usually laden with tons of issues. WooCommerce ensures you can stay on their platform forever.

The Not So Basics

So far, we’ve described any eCommerce store, so why would you choose WooCommerce? WooCommerce leverages the power of WordPress (40% of all websites use WordPress!) to maximize your output and build upon something that close to half the websites are already using. 

In addition, WooCommerce offers one of the largest marketplaces (not all free) of add-ons that don’t come with the basic package. 

The essential extensions:

WooCommerce Shipping – plug this extension into speed up your order processing up to 67% faster. Added benefits are a free extension with helping with printing and processing your orders. 

JetPack – plugin this extension to boost your site security and site backups. This is another free extension by the makers of WooCommerce and is highly recommended. Keep all of your data secure and ensure next to no downtime for your eCommerce site so your customers can keep shopping.

Google Analytics for WooCommerce – Know your customer! Use Google Analytics in your WooCommerce eCommerce site to track how visitors are using your site, where they seem to thrive and more importantly, where they seem to taper off. Another free plugin. 

WooCommerce Bookings – Enable your customers to book appointments with this ingenious technology and ensure that your site captures the most value from each visitor. Sites that usually can take advantage of this are more important ticket items that require a longer turnaround time for completing sales or that need several phone calls to close the deal. 

WooCommerce Payments – The basic plan comes with everything you need to build the store but not to process the payments. This is where WooCommerce Payments comes in. Place in this free plugin and begin accepting payments from your customers with WooCommerce’s payment portal. Note, only available in certain countries. 

WooCommerce Shipping Tracking – Add in this latest technology plugin that enables you and your customers to connect to and track their shipments easily. The program has APIs for all the major USA shipping carriers.

WooCommerce Dropshipping – If you’re a dropshipping company, this simple plugin enables you to create the orders you need from the retailer and connect the product to the customer without all the hard work in between.

AutomateWoo – When it comes to marketing, AutomateWoo has you covered, doing the heavy lifting for you in terms of automated email marketing solutions such as: 

  • Follow-Up Emails – Automatically email customers who buy specific products and ask for a review or suggest other products they might like.
  • Abandoned Cart – Remind customers who left items in their cart using emails at set intervals.
  • Win Back Inactive Customers – Target inactive customers with email marketing campaigns. Include special offers and recommendations.
  • SMS Notifications – Send SMS notifications to customers or admins for any of AutomateWoo’s wide range of triggers.
  • Review Rewards – Encourage more product reviews by offering discounts. Limit the discount based on the number of reviews posted and the rating given.
  • Wishlist Marketing – Send timed wishlist reminder emails and notify when a wished product goes on sale. It integrates with WooCommerce Wishlists or YITH Wishlists.
  • Birthday Emails – Delight customers with a special WooCommerce birthday email and coupon using the AutomateWoo Birthdays Add-on (separate purchase).
  • Card Expiry Notifications – Notify customers before a saved credit or debit card expires. This can reduce failed payments and churn when selling subscriptions.
  • Personalized Coupons – Generate dynamically customized coupons for customers to raise purchase rates.
  • Subscriptions Automation – Action WooCommerce Subscription events such as status changes, failed payments and renewal reminders.
  • Bookings Automations – Send emails on WooCommerce Bookings events such as booking confirmation or completion.
  • Refer A Friend – Boost word-of-mouth sales with the AutomateWoo Refer A Friend Add-on (separate purchase).
  • Automatic VIP – Reward your best customers with VIP status based on different spending requirements.

Facebook – Add the Facebook app to your WooCommerce site and have your customers be able to directly communicate with you and your store from Facebook and Facebook Messenger.

In addition:

Create a Shop, a customizable mobile-friendly online store for shoppers on Facebook and Instagram. You can maintain one unified shopping experience across Facebook apps and customize the experience to showcase your brand identity. Creating a Facebook Shop is free and straightforward and helps introduce a big, new audience to your products.

Sync your WooCommerce products to simplify catalogue management, easily add product tags and quickly create ads. A quality product catalogue helps customers browse selections, consider products, and make purchases.

Add Checkout on Instagram (US only) so people can buy from you directly in the app, streamlining the path to purchase to turn shopping content into sales.

Buy Facebook and Instagram ads directly on WooCommerce. You can design your ad, set the targeting and placement, and pay, all directly on WooCommerce.

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Use Facebook Pixel and Conversions API to get the data you need to drive your business forward. Accurate and reliable information about customer actions help you target your ads, improve your return on ad spend, and find new customers.

Pinterest – Connect your store to Pinterest and create a whole other channel to generate business with.

Main Features:

  • A secure connection between WooCommerce and Pinterest
  • Scheduled Pinning
  • Bulk Pinning
  • Automated transfer of product-related details like product name, description, price, and stock availability
  • Every Pin contains a direct link to the product on your website
  • Open Graph markup enhances your product images and makes them stand out
  • List your entire WooCommerce product catalogue on Pinterest in minutes
  • Add new products automatically to your Pinterest boards
  • Visitors can save your product images to their Pinterest boards
  • Manage all your Pins in one place and sync images, pricing, and product details in real-time
  • Adding Alt and Title to images to increase the search ranking of your products on Pinterest
  • Use the Pinterest tag to track conversions
  • Auto-resize images according to predefined dimensions
  • Replace the original product image with the custom one intended for Pinterest
  • Pin to several boards at the same time
  • Create a Pinterest catalogue for advertising
  • Add Pinterest hashtags right from wp-admin

Affiliate for WooCommerce – Why use complex third-party affiliate platforms or plugins when you can run your own affiliate program from WooCommerce itself? Especially when it’s super accessible, jargon-free and comes with all the powerful features.

A powerful affiliate program with complete control and accuracy

  • Allow people to sign up as your affiliates. Approve them and set them up to receive commissions. Let them create referral links. Track visitors, conversions, commissions, and payouts. It’s all there!
  • Turn customers and subscribers into affiliate partners and brand ambassadors.
  • Track affiliate progress and adjustments: commissions are adjusted based on order status changes and recurring subscription payments.
  • The most powerful commission plan system – set commissions based on several conditions.
  • Combine media assets, swipes and other resources in different promotional campaigns. Track the performance of each campaign separately.
  • Easy payouts via PayPal, referral tracking using coupons and many other features.
  • Integrate with your own site — Affiliate for WooCommerce works as a WooCommerce extension, so your costs and setup time are reduced.

You know that word-of-mouth/reviews and recommendations are powerful. With an affiliate program, you can make them work for you.

Unlock high conversions, sales, and credibility

You have fantastic products but are struggling to meet your sales goals… You’re not alone. Most businesses face this challenge.

One sure way to breakthrough results is a successful affiliate partner program. Why?

  • 81% of brands leverage the power of affiliate marketing, and affiliate marketing spending is increasing every year.
  • 38% of marketers confirm affiliate programs as one of their top customer acquisition channels.
  • Customers trust people they know and like. They don’t know you yet — but when an influencer recommends your products, customers will be a lot more receptive to what you have to offer, upping your conversions.
  • Distribution is key to success. You can spend a ton to get traffic, but affiliates can send you high quality, qualified leads. You get access to their audiences, who are already primed to be drawn to your products.
  • You only pay for paying customers, not for ads or leads! When you run an affiliate program, you pay commissions only when affiliates bring you a paying customer.

Multichannel for WooCommerce: Google, Amazon, eBay & Walmart Integration

Smarter Google

Boost sales with automated Product Listing Ads and quickly list and manage products on Google Shopping and Surfaces Across Google. Full ‘Buy on Google’ & enhanced listings support.

Smarter Amazon

Create & optimize Amazon listings on any global site direct from WooCommerce with real-time sync for inventory, orders, prices & product details.

Smarter eBay

Unrivalled listing automation & sync control on any global eBay marketplace direct from WooCommerce, retaining existing listings & sales history.

Smarter Walmart

Reach over 120 million monthly visitors on walmart.com directly from WooCommerce and quickly list and manage thousands of products on Walmart Marketplace.

**Multichannel for WooCommerce is free to download and install but requires a paid monthly subscription for ongoing integration services after the 14-day free trial period. For more details on pricing, see below.

Multichannel for WooCommerce by Codisto is a Google channel, an Amazon channel, an eBay channel and a Walmart Channel all in one smartly designed extension for WooCommerce.

Multichannel for WooCommerce functions as a marketplace listing tool and a fully-featured multichannel solution with real-time inventory & pricing sync directly from WooCommerce.

Other multichannel selling tools for WooCommerce require you to export & migrate your entire product catalogue to their platform.But with Multichannel for WooCommerce powering your Google, Amazon, eBay and Walmart integration you can connect to all their global marketplaces and sales channels directly from WooCommerce. This gives you complete control of your Amazon, eBay, Walmart and Google listings and Google Product Listing Ads.


All global Google, Amazon, Walmart & eBay sales channels with in-built currency control

All WooCommerce store currencies

Create new or link existing Google, Amazon, Walmart & eBay listings in bulk

Real-time sync of inventory, orders, pricing & product details

Supports use of channel-specific titles, prices, descriptions & product details

Create Buy on Google listings & Product Listing Ads for Google Search, Google Shopping, YouTube, Google Display Network and more Surfaces Across Google

Smarter Listing Creation & Linking

Choose from three distinct listing modes – single-listing, multi-listing or attribute mapping mode – with a suite of powerful automation features making it easier than ever before to create, sync and manage sales channel listings across Google, Amazon, eBay and Walmart all in the one place.

• Create new listings for Google, Amazon, eBay and Walmart in bulk, including new Amazon ASINs

• Built-in smarts for auto-categorization and enhanced listing creation

• Boost conversion with Buy on Google checkout and integrated order flow support

• Automatically create Google Product Listing Ads and set daily budgets directly from Multichannel for WooCommerce

• Already selling on sales channels? Multichannel for WooCommerce automatically links any Google, Amazon, eBay and Walmart listings in minutes, protecting search ranking and sales history

Receive Multichannel Orders in WooCommerce with Fully Synced & Integrated Order Flow

Sales channel orders are received in WooCommerce, and by updating inventory counts across all your connected channels and marketplaces as soon as a sale is made, Multichannel for WooCommerce prevents overselling and allows you to manage inventory efficiently for all sales channels.

• Receive multi channel orders in WooCommerce

• Shipment tracking data and fulfilment status automatically updated on sales channels

• No overselling or paying for ads on out-of-stock products

100% Real-time Sync for Everything with Codisto SmartSync™

Avoid having to update listings on every channel; Change once in WooCommerce and Multichannel for WooCommerce automatically updates all sales channel listings.

• Real-time sync with Amazon Seller Central, eBay Seller Hub, Walmart Seller Center and Google Merchant Center – no periodic data feeds!

Flexible Pricing Plans to Suit Your Business

Multichannel for WooCommerce is free to download, install and try for 14-days, after which a recurring paid subscription is required for ongoing integration services provided by Codisto.

All plans come with the full range of features including real-time sync for inventory, pricing, orders and product information, as well as 24/7 customer support.

For more information on pricing visit the Codisto pricing page.

Multichannel for WooCommerce is the only official WooCommerce extension that connects your online store with millions of customers on Google, Amazon, eBay and Walmart. Take control of your multichannel strategy and reach more customers with Multichannel for WooCommerce!

Install Multichannel for WooCommerce today and get 14 days free to create, sync and manage listings on any number of global Google, Amazon, eBay and Walmart sales channels. 

WooCommerce Instagram

Use all the power of Instagram to increase your sales

We all love Instagram. We especially love showcasing images of our products in the wild, using the excellent interface and filters provided by Instagram directly on our mobile devices.

Instagram gives your business an immersive storefront for people to explore your products and turn your Instagram posts into ads for campaigns.

Why use WooCommerce Instagram?

Instagram can be a compelling platform to show your products.

Increase the visibility of your store on Instagram.

Upload your catalogue to Instagram and create shoppable posts and stories.

Boost your sales by redirecting your audience to your product pages with just a single click.

Define product hashtags to let people tag their images with them.

Showcase how your customers are using your products in your store.

Easy to set up.

Instagram Shopping

Now our extension includes support for Instagram Shopping.

Selling on Instagram was never so easy. Just upload your catalog to Instagram, create shoppable posts and stories by tagging your products in them, and redirect your audience to your store with just one click.

Instagram Shopping list Instagram shoppable product

Create as many catalogs as you want and adapt them to each country or audience (Currency, tax location, etc.).

Each catalog is unique.

Filter the products to be included by categories, stock status, or type.

Include the product variations or just the variable product.

Customize many other aspects of the product’s data like the Manufacturer Part Number (MPN) or the price tax.

Product catalogues setting

Define multiple product catalogues.

Keep your catalogs always synchronized. Modify products into your store, and your catalogues will be updated with the changes regularly.

You can also export the catalogues to an XML or CSV format for a faster edition and update your catalogue immediately by uploading this file to your Facebook Business Manager.

Showcase your products

With the Instagram extension for WooCommerce, you can show how your customers are using your products.

Just define a product hashtag. Customers will be able to tag their images with this hashtag, and they will automatically appear on your product page.

Display photos tagged with a specific hashtag on your product page.

Bring your product images to life by integrating Instagram images posted by your customers directly on your product page.

Attract possible new customers on Instagram and let them get a sneak peek of the best you can offer.

How to get started
Buy this Extension.
Download, install and activate the plugin in your WooCommerce store.
Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Integrations > Instagram and connect your store to Instagram.

Do you need SEO for WooCommerce websites?


Like any other eCommerce store, your WooCommerce website will need to be able to have a competent SEO strategy. This is so that when consumers search for queries using keywords related to your products and niche, your pages will quickly show up on the search results page.

Are there WooCommerce marketing apps?

Yes, there are WooCommerce marketing apps that you can use to improve your store’s metrics. However, using the right one can be a difficult task to figure out.

The best way to improve your business with WooCommerce is to hire a professional marketing team like KAMG that will eliminate having to do trial and error with tools and strategies.

Is cart abandonment common in WooCommerce stores?


Like all websites, the general percentage of cart abandonment is 15 to 80. And lost customers like this happen for many reasons.

To mitigate a considerable number of cart abandons on your WooCommerce store, you will have to make sure that you build your website in a way that is easy for shoppers to use.

However, even if you do so, there are personal reasons why people leave your website that you cannot control. To reduce the amount, you can implement email marketing strategies that will bring back lost customers to shop on your website.

Do I need CRO on my WooCommerce website?


If you don’t ensure that your website is professional-looking, fast-loading, simple-to-use, and trustworthy, first-time visitors will simply bounce and not shop in your store.

The good news is that WooCommerce allows you to integrate CRO methods into your website thoroughly. And you can maximize this capability with a senior CRO expert team behind your business, like KAMG.

Do I need PR as a WooCommerce website owner?


Anyone who has a business will significantly benefit from being featured on media outlets and websites of consumer-trusted entities.

What are the best businesses to use WooCommerce?

If you are new to eCommerce, WooCommerce is one of the best platforms you can use because it is flexible and doesn’t demand too much technical expertise when building your website.

However, since it is easy to use, many businesses use the platform, and you can quickly look like another store that uses the same template.

To stand out, you will best benefit from outsourcing your CRO and SEO.


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