Here’s an in-depth study on CRO (conversion rate optimization) for your eCommerce. This list is based on KAMG’s experience of working on over 100 business models with more than 35 years of combined experience, with $97million sales generated, and 943 projects completed. We list things you need to know based on what worked for us […]

What are the steps of conversion optimization?


What are the steps of conversion optimization is one of the age old questions in the internet world today. Knowing how to convert your traffic into meaningful conversions (sales, contact information etc) is the name of the game for a successful business.  Here are the steps for conversion optimization Have a starting idea Test Analyze  […]

Why Conversion Rate Optimization is Important

CRO Mobile

How CRO is Essential to the Growth of your eCommerce Business What Is Conversion Rate Optimization? CRO or Conversion rate optimization is the continuous process of growing the rate of conversions you get on your website. You do this by perfecting the design and processes of your website and adding elements that will bring users […]

What is a Customer Journey Map?


On a simplistic level, it’s the roadmap you intend your customer to follow when they come to your website. The main difference between a map vs not a map is the visual representation of the journey. Before you get started building your journey map, you need to build customer journeys. Lets work with an example […]

What is Conversion Rate Optimization? Everything You Need to Know


CRO 101 and 10 Pro Tips for Excellent Conversions CRO is a method of improving a website’s capability to move users through the owner’s desired funnel and end up tapping or clicking on the wanted CTA or call-to-action. Conversion rate optimization is essentially increasing how much of your website visitors will take your chosen desired […]