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92% of online paid ads go unnoticed.*

Don’t let this happen to you.


PPC Marketing

Click-worthy ads for more shoppers

Run PPC ads that only get clicks. With KAMG’s PPC management, we can help bring you traffic, shoppers, and revenue from excellent ad campaigns.

Run Ads That Bring Profit

Bring in more business with our PPC management services.

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Get More Customers

Only run ads that get clicks.

Our PPC management service ensures your ads reach people who click and buy.

Bigger ROI from Ads

Run only ads that drive business.

We make sure that your PPC ads bring you more sales and revenue.

  • Fastest Growth

    Increase in 90 days

  • Top-Tier Support

    International team

  • Bespoke Services

    Exactly what you need

  • Sustainable Results

    Continued growth

Digital Marketing Growth

Big Brand Consultancy

Leigh is the top Sales Mindset Consultant in the world, serving brands like British Airways, Natwest, Oracle and Harrods. We had to ensure that every approach we explored digitally was in line with her brand and calibre of work. Ultimately with what started as a LinkedIn marketing campaign followed through to become a growth marketing relationship, leading to an increase in growth across the board.

Run better-performing ads with our PPC Marketing.​

PPC Campaigns Done the Smart Way

We’ll create and run just the most effective ads to capture your audience’s attention and drive visitors to your website.

We can help you in engaging the appropriate market and increasing click-through rates and traffic.

We ensure that you will spend less money while getting better results from your PPC advertising.

When you work with KAMG, you’ll get a better return on investment from advertising that drives your market to take action and do business with you.

If you opt to run your own PPC ad campaigns, you’ll require a lot of time to cope with the challenges and technical work involved.

With KAMG, you can work smarter because we are a full-service PPC management team that will handle everything for you.

  • Our team helps significantly improve your CTRs by using innovative strategies that entice your targeted audience to want to click on your ads more often.

  • We help generate high volumes of site traffic which turns into more customers for you. We make sure that your ads get the people you want.

  • Our expert PPC team uses the latest strategies to keep your bid high up on the ad board with the cheapest click through costs and keywords
Ppc Marketing

How do we fix your eCommerce PPC Problems?

Think of PPC as a billboard popularity contest on the internet. The scouts who are looking for famous people are looking for signs everywhere; keywords being focused on, the placement of the advert, the bidding on the adword and more.  Our team optimizes these elements to give you the best of all worlds.

Our Awards & Recognitions

Trusted by Startups, Entrepreneurs, and Business Owners

Whether you’re seeking to increase site visitors, want to expand your customer base, or simply need someone to manage your advertisements for you, we can help you with the best ad campaigns.


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Our award-winning PPC services have given us awards and recognitions. So if you’re looking for the best, most cost-effective and effective ads strategy, we are the team to call. Let’s talk about your ads.

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Clients we have served

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that we helped succeed. 


How can you be sure of our work?

At KAMG, we only hire the biggest and the brightest experts for PPC and other digital marketing disciplines. With over 35 years of combined experience, you can take comfort in knowing that you are in the best of hands. 


Check Out Our Work!

Read the stories about some of our most successful clients.

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ad clicks.

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Better Performance

Pay-Per-Click advertising can help you get shoppers and return buyers while driving awareness of your brand. See how KAMG have helped clients achieve better traffic and retention with our PPC services.


increase in growth.

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Client Sales Consultancy

Great Potential

KAMG assisted one of the top-rated business consultancies in the UK, who hired us to make improvements to their advertising. We achieved a 23% increase in revenue growth for them. Learn how we did it.


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Client Management Consultancy

Amazing Results

One of our best works was with a startup who asked us to do their cold email outreach and advertising campaigns. With our expert targeting and management, we were able to deliver great results.

Our Process​

Our tried and tested method to bring you results.

1. Discovery Call

Getting to know each other.

Fill out our contact form, and we will personally reach out to you ASAP, within 24 hours. Then, we will set up a meeting to get to know you and what our eCommerce advertising services can do for you.  We will see what has been done, assess what’s going on, and look into the gaps where you could improve.

2. Market Research

Understanding your market.

After we talk about your market and finalise the goals and results you want to achieve, we will start researching. We will analyse your audience and see what search engines, social media and online platforms that they use. We will look into who is interested in your business niche and where on the internet we should show up for them to find.

3. Strategising

Creating new possibilities.

We will propose the best possible PPC solutions for your website or online store. Whether you are introducing a new brand from scratch or improving the campaigns of your current business, we will prepare everything, copy, design, and more, as well as to integrate our work with any established systems that you may have.

4. Implementation

Getting things going.

Then it’s time to start running your ads. And we guarantee that we will do all the heavy lifting for you. We will see to it that your PPC ads are reaching the right people at the right time, bringing them to your website. Simply continue focusing on your business, and we will push the pedal as you wait for better results.

5. Analytics & Reporting

Constant monitoring & transparency.

We will send you regular reports to show what’s going on with your ads. We will equip you with powerful tracking tools so that you are constantly updated on our progress. And we guarantee that you will receive quick responses from our international team, working 24/7 on your project.

6. Ongoing Optimisation

Reaching the next level.

Once we complete your PPC project, you can expect better organic traffic with the work that’s been done. You will enjoy more website users and potential purchases that will allow you to expand. We will ensure that we will close your project with optimized online advertising that continues to help you grow.

Why Us?

ArrowsPpc MarketingInhouse or Freelance
CostYou get the services of an entire team of senior advertising experts with top-class methods.These can cost as much as our entire team. But a freelancer is just one person and DIY costs your time.
QualityOur seasoned team of digital advertising pros will run campaigns that bring business to you.With these options, you are essentially starting from scratch. You can be prone to erratic, irrelevant ads.
RiskWe are an established agency in our field. You can be sure that you will get the clicks, traffic, and sales.Your new hire can still be experimenting with digital marketing. You could waste money on erratic ads.
SpeedWe are an international team. We make sure that work is being done even while you sleep. One person cannot create ad campaigns faster than a team that’s spread across the globe.
ConvenienceYou don’t have to manage us. We will do everything for you and all you have to do is enjoy the benefits. With a freelancer or an inhouse employee, you will have to do follow-ups and management.
ResultsWe won’t stop until your ads work for you. We can guarantee maximum traffic from ads to your site. A freelancer or inhouse hire cannot accomplish your goals effectively without your supervision.


Frequently Asked Questions​

Cost per click and pay per click advertising is when you as a business advertise and only pay once your ad is clicked.

Similar to these are cost per impression, when you pay when your ad is seen but not clicked, and cost per engagement, when a user engages with your ad (like watching a video or playing a mini-game), and you pay for that engagement.

There are a few different types of Google ads to choose from.

  1. Search Network Campaigns – usually in text form, these ads show on Google Search results pages when someone searches for a product or service that’s similar to yours.
  2. Display Network Campaigns – image form ads, these ads appear on websites or apps that your customers visit.
  3. Video Campaigns – usually short videos, these ads are typically found right before or during video content.
  4. Remarketing Ads- these ads are aimed at people that have previously interacted with your site, and the ad aims at bringing them back.
  5. Google Shopping Ads- this ad type reflects a showcase of a product that you are selling.
  6. Local Service Ads- this ad type allows your business to be better found by someone searching for a service type in their area.
  7. Gmail Sponsored Promotions- there are ads in the Google Display Network that allow ads to show in prospects’ inboxes.

Google Ads costs vary depending on your overall budget. On your dashboard, you have budget settings and can make rules to what you are willing to spend per click. With Google Ads, there is no minimum spend requirement, and no required contract length – you can stop your ads anytime. You are also only charged when someone interacts with your ad.

No. Google Ads can help increase much-needed exposure. The trick is to ensure that you choose the right targets. If you have tried running ads before and failed, it usually means there was not enough preparation or research before starting.

Outsourcing to an experienced agency, like KAMG, can also help prevent any hiccups with running an ad campaign.

PPC allows advertisers to show ads to their target audience almost immediately. PPC is run through keyword targeting for paid search adverts, where advertisers select relevant keywords that their potential customers will be searching for. Google Ads is one of the most popular platforms.

We are experts in PPC for Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo!, and more. Also, we can optimize your eCommerce content on YouTube, Dailymotion, and others. 

Plus, we cover all social media platforms where you can engage your audience perfectly.

Any business can benefit from a proper ad campaign and it can be best done with the help of expert PPC campaign management services.

Whether you are introducing a new brand or product, cross-selling or upselling, trying to get the most out of an event, or other purposes, you can effectively use ads with the help of a PPC marketing firm to sell more.

With a PPC marketing specialist like KAMG, you can maximise your ROI from ads without having to do all the technical work of market research, testing, content optimisation, and more on your own.

Your company is unique, and your situation is unlike other businesses. Hence, we cannot simply put a price because our PPC services are highly customised to your needs.

If you want a free price check, leave your details on our contact form, and we will show you all of your bespoke options and potential costs.

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