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Whether it is B2B email outreach, email newsletters, eCommerce, or affiliate marketing, the key to success is always proper audience targeting, the right individualized customization, and proper timing – all of these can be best achieved with optimum email marketing.


The Nitty Gritty

In the competitive business world of today’s highly technological digital age, automation is everywhere. Marketing tools like Pay Per Click ads, Native Ads, or any manipulation of SEO stats and site analysis are automated via the parameters you choose to reach the right demographic for your brand or product.

These tools help in finding people who will find engaging with you, via your email list, site or store, value-adding. Coupled with tools that promote you via high-level market targeting technology, you can potentially have high conversion rates.

One of the “finishing” special moves you need is a really good EMAIL MARKETING scheme that works.

Caring is Good

Internet life has its annoyances and one of them is the constant pings of endless emails from newsletters, e mail lists, spam, Netflix mail and other service subscriptions, managers, social media, updates and more! They can reach a point where they become overbearing.


These things are hurdles that can be really hard to overcome, and yet there is a work around. What makes an email annoying is the cold, robotic, impersonal manner it gets delivered. Context is everything. If you receive an airline seat sale during a time of political crisis, that’s just unbelievably uncalled for. If you are an online writer and free grammar assistance sites show up on your email, that should make you feel like the internet cares.

This care is what all your marketing campaigns should have, especially in your email marketing. All you need is to identify your target customers, customise experiences for individuals, and ramp up your mails.

With this knowledge, it will be easier for you to get leads that want for your product and your emails will stop getting viewed as spam.

When you have good ads that bring people to your email lists, you will have to engage with all of them to protect your brand integrity and to not waste any sales potential. You don’t have time for every engagement with a team of email marketers equipped with templates – but this is the digital arena where efficiency is king and human error can cost you exponential damage. You should know better to use humans for more human-needed functions like creative processes; leave the emails to your custom

automation. Your system will give your brand the care every customer needs and the automation will do better at organising your email lists.

Response Driven Emails Done Right

Marketing to your customers is not easy, but when you succeed in reaching them, it is indeed worth the effort. Your will spend money to acquire things that make their lives easier; and that’s what you have to do to really engage them – even making the process of getting to those things easier with good and convenient customer service with your emails.

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As the leading email marketing company in the UK, we at KAMG have developed a tried and tested method of Email Marketing Strategies that have proven to convert prospects to sales across hundreds of industries worldwide.

If you want to easily get leads that like your offerings and have no time to email every customer, the Kas Andz Marketing Group has the perfect eCommerce SEO services to help you.

We can help to get people to purchase your product and keep your emails away from the spam list with Response Driven Emails.

KAMG will integrate Innovative Attraction Strategies to boost your sign-ups. We make sure that you have really good and attractive content that keeps your market coming back for more.

We set-up your emails with full automation, making sure that every single customer will get a personal touch – they’ll never feel that cold, robotic, impersonal treatment.

You can fully trust the Kas Andz Marketing Group – leave the emailing to us! We will construct your emails for maximum potency and only show the most relevant content to your subscribers.

Our team are specialists in getting to the inbox consistently and we use Send Time Optimization to make sure that your subscriber gets your email at the time that they want it. Proper timing is key to making your email not overbearing.

We will also divide your list into interest groups, so that your subscribers will only get the content and products that they want to see. KAMG will enable you to know your audience and target them with the right offerings making your emails superbly effective and helpful.

We can help you have your email marketing done right.

Fruitful Days Ahead

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As it is, when prospects turn to leads, leads can turn to engagements and traffic, which can turn into sales, your business can go further.

Email marketing done right will progress your venture with increased reach, sustained customer loyalty and return growing product demand and popularity. These are signs of a growing sustainable business; and yet when this point is reached, email marketing shouldn’t stop.

As your goals grow with your expansion, you will need email marketing more than ever. Your progress will enable you to transact more with B2B and a bigger customer and subscriber count. This means you have to keep on upgrading your eCommerce game.

The most efficient and effective way to reach and be ready for significant growth is by starting as early as possible. If you’re a start-up, plan ahead and employ the best available marketing tools the moment you plan. If you’ve been doing business for some time, we are pretty sure you are reading this trying to find solutions to barriers between you and a significantly bigger change.

KAMG can help you with your emails and more. We offer CRO Services, Digital Consultation, Pay Per Result SEO and more.

As soon as you register with the Kas Andz Marketing Group, you will have contact with the industry leaders in email marketing. We are a well-spread team across the globe, all connected through our central think tank. We provide you only with the leading strategies for effective company growth.


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