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Why Is Keyword Research Important?
Why Is Keyword Research Important

When you put keywords on your website, Google and other search engines can figure out how your business works and what you offer, which helps them find your site more easily. This makes it more likely that search engines will list your website when people search for products or services that your company sells.

In this article, we will discuss why keyword research is important and how it can help your business, especially in the digital world.

Let’s get started! 

What are Keywords and What is Keyword Research?

Before we dig into the reasons why this is an important topic, let’s have a brief overview first of what keywords are all about. 

What are keywords?

Keywords are the words or phrases that people use to search for information, products or services. These same keywords might be your exact product type or service. 

For example, someone is looking for shoes within a budget. So, common phrases that they would type into Google would be: “affordable shoes”, “cheap white rubber shoes”, or “ budget rubber shoes affordable” for example. 

Since they are just keywords, they don’t need to be super specific and grammatically correct. Search engines automatically contain a feature to “understand” what you’re looking for, and lead you to potential choices. 

As a business owner, keywords can give you a lot of important information. For example, it can give you an idea of what words do people search for when they discover what you sell online. With the correct use of keyword research, you can lead these potential customers to your website and this can have a big impact on the success of your business. 

What is keyword research?

The goal of keyword research is to find out what people are searching for on Google and other big search engines. If we know what people are currently searching for, then we can design campaigns in the future to capture those search queries and lead them to our own website.

Why Is Keyword Research Important

A large part of keyword research is getting to know and understand your audience and the questions they’re asking, then finding methods and answers to address those questions in your content using a mix of keywords and phrases.

In other words, keyword research is the act of finding and analysing search phrases that people type into search engines with the intention of utilising the information for a particular purpose, such as SEO or general marketing. 

This process can reveal queries to target, as well as their popularity, ranking difficulties, and more.

Why Is Keyword Research Important?

Why is keyword research important? How will it affect your business?
Here are 5 reasons why you need to incorporate keyword research in your marketing plans:

  • It helps you to understand your brand.
  • It creates traffic growth. 
  • It keeps you updated with what people are looking for.
  • It boosts customer acquisition. 
  • It improves social shares.

Let’s talk about each of these benefits.

Benefit No. 1: It helps you to understand your brand.

Knowing your keywords can assist you in better understanding your brand and company. 

What exactly are you trying to sell? What services do you provide?

By doing keyword research, you will be directed to the articles you need to produce while also improving on areas where your brand is lacking.

Why Is Keyword Research Important

Here’s an example: 

Shorts & More, an online clothing store selling shorts, trousers, and pants, has heard about SEO and would like help in enhancing how frequently they appear in organic search results.

To assist them, you must first have a better understanding of their clients. You might do so by asking questions like:

  • What kind of lower garments (pants, trousers, boxers, cycling shorts, etc.) are people looking for? 
  • Who is looking for these keywords?
  • When are people looking for such items?
  • What is their purpose in buying these things? Are they for sports or fashion?

With these in mind, you will know what keywords their customers might be searching for and how to incorporate them in the articles or blogs linking to your website. 

Benefit No. 2: It creates traffic growth.

Identifying keywords to utilize in blogs and outreach will help your website to get more visitors.

Traffic, in digital marketing terms, means the “visitors of your website”. The more traffic you have, the more chances you will gain to rank first in the search engines when people look for keywords related to your site.

Why Is Keyword Research Important

Using appropriate keywords in articles, blog posts, and product descriptions may help your website rank in search engine results and generate traffic and new leads for months, if not years, after you’ve published those pages. 

Organic traffic may beat paid traffic or advertisements when you rank for a term that fits the content of your website.

Benefit No. 3: It keeps you updated.

Keyword research can show what people are actually looking for, not what you believe they’re looking for.

Given that you have effective tools, keyword research will be one of your best allies in keeping up with the latest trends and updates. 

Effective keyword research may provide you with insights into current marketing trends and help you focus your content on themes and phrases that your target audience is looking for.

Benefit No. 4: It boosts customer acquisition.

Why Is Keyword Research Important

If your company provides products that other business professionals are looking for, you can fill that need and create a call to action that will guide them through the buyer’s journey from awareness to purchase.

You may address the questions that the majority of your audience wants answered by studying keywords for their popularity, search volume, and general purpose.

Benefit No. 5: It improves social shares.

You can provide your customers what they want after completing appropriate keyword research.

Why Is Keyword Research Important

They are more likely to share your content, meaning that your website will grow organically with less link-building activities required. People want to share what they enjoy, particularly on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Include a means for others to share your work if you’re writing articles or taking images.

Use Keyword Research For Your Business

You might be writing lengthy and informational articles about the services and products you offer, yet no one visits your website. 

With proper keyword research, you can start driving more traffic to your website, engaging more people, securing conversions and income, and – most importantly – consistently improving your rankings and possibilities to reach more and better audiences with it. 

Finding out what people like to read about and focusing your content around those topics is the core principle behind keyword research. 

Now that you know how useful your keywords are, you can begin your keyword research and analysis. Proceed to the next section of the KAMG SEO content Hub to begin to learn how to choose your keywords.

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