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Facebook Ads done right can improve many business metrics for your company. You can get shoppers, subscribers, clicks, and more from your audience.

Ads can be the first step of your marketing funnels or the starting point of your market’s customer journey with your brand.

So while you do your conversion rate optimization, search engine optimization and the rest of your digital marketing, you will also have to assign your ad campaigns to focused audiences.

Ads can bring you new audiences who eventually become your shoppers and customers. However, when you do this improperly, you can end up wasting money.

You have to make sure that you do thorough research on your audience to create ads that honestly speak to them. Also, you will have to pinpoint where and when they are on the internet to deliver your message correctly.

Doing all the technical work to run the best ads for your business will take time, effort, and the right expertise. If you don’t use the proper tools and methods, you might lose your customers, your reputation, and, worst-case scenario, your business.

Take one of our previous clients, an axe-throwing company, for example. Yes, you are not mistaken, an axe-throwing company in need of help with their ads – not only a unique business but a challenging client because of their competitive niche and digital operating environment.

They were already running ads but faced some problems involving:

  • Unoptimised targeting;
  • Underperforming single location ads;
  • Low ROI on ads; and 
  • No time to fix them.

So we came in and did an exhaustive analysis of their target market, implemented thorough testing, improved their targeting, and did all needed interventions to upgrade their ads game.

With the £12,000 they spent on Facebook ads with our services, they got a whopping £47,000 back. That’s around 4x ROI without splitting any hairs. ;).


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