What is PPC [For Beginners]


What is PPC? How does it work? Should I be using it for my eCommerce? Isn’t it very technical and expensive? These are questions that many business owners, both new and established are asking themselves. Luckily we have the answers. In this article, we will discuss every essential thing you need to know about PPC […]

Get Your Lost B2B Customers Back

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You will lose your clients if you don’t treat them right. If your process from prospect level to purchase and retention gives bad experiences and inconveniences, you will lose your customers. If you let your clients feel ignored and you do not check up on them while keeping them uninformed of your other services, they […]

Tips to Improve Your Store’s Abandoned Cart Recovery | KAMG

Increase Conversion

Did you know that site visitors abandon about 69,57% of their checkouts? Insane, right? You’d think this cart abandonment rate is the concerning part, but it happens to be an industry standard for eCommerce sites.  The problem comes in when brands do not re-investigate this trend or  don’t  follow up on their customers to potentially […]

A Powerful eCommerce Website Checklist To Get You 10 Times More Conversions

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201 Actionable eCommerce Website Checklist We’ve built this ecommerce website checklist for both beginner and seasoned digital marketers. This is based on KAMG’s experience working the best formula based on 100 business models with more than 35 years of experience, $ 97 sales generated and 943 projects completed. We are listing things you need to know based […]

Quarantine’s Impact on Digital Marketing


In 2020, quarantines and lockdowns kept everyone away from the supposed everyday work routine. So everyone got to spend more time at home – living, working, and of course, shopping. We have seen the quick change from not-so-digital to fully digital services when quarantines locked us in our homes. And today, we are used to […]