Find out how you can effectively get your lost B2B clients to return and buy your ticket.

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You will lose your clients if you don’t treat them right. If your process from prospect level to purchase and retention gives bad experiences and inconveniences, you will lose your customers.

If you let your clients feel ignored and you do not check up on them while keeping them uninformed of your other services, they will leave the deal.

Think of Sun Tzu in his book “The Art of War” when he says to “regard your soldiers as your children, and they will follow you into the deepest valleys; look on them as your own beloved sons, and they will stand by you even unto death.” 

Care for your B2B customers and you’ll be cared for in return.

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Make Them Stay.

Before you even think about winning back lost customers, fix your system first. Make sure that they come back to a better B2B system, or else, their return will just be ironic and senseless.

Make sure that you have a B2B system that keeps customers in the first place.

A lot of B2B companies only send customers invoices once a month. This is wrong.

It is cold and careless.

Think of normal human relationships – once a month communication and only through invoices? Not a good situation.

You should treat your partners well. Set up a good communication system so you can engage with them on all levels.

Make sure your clients don’t forget that their results come from your services. Check on them once in a while and let their results speak for you.

Client Communication

Have a sense of ownership of what your clients want to achieve.

Find what they’re lacking and help them fill gaps. Tell them how other clients are being successful with using the same products they employ. 

Be proactive in customer service and tech support.

Offer them other services. Otherwise, your customers will go to another provider for the same things that you have.

Keep them informed of things you have that can benefit them.

Communicate the right way. This means you must make sure that you have good content in your emails including your automations.

Win Back Lost Customers.

If for some reason, you still miss a few hits there are things you could do to get them back.

Of course and first of all, your services must be solid. Be competitive. Do not offer where you are not significant and be in the right market.

The foundations of a good business must be in place. Then, you can use these strategies here.


The longer your clients remain inactive, the greater the chances are that they will defect altogether. Respond quickly.

In fact, be like Flash and time travel. Prevent inactivity before it even begins.

Examining your customers’ behaviour patterns can help you predict who is about to leave.


Group your inactive customers separately from the active ones.

Treat them differently. 

Study their behaviours and start a separate marketing strategy for them. 

They are another niche in your audience. Act accordingly.


They are a new sub-group in your audience. Build your reactivation content around the new behaviours you observe from them.

Re-market to this new demographic.


Lapsed customers will be annoyed at constant emails. Find other ways.

Try calling or texting. Make it interesting, not boring.

Here’s one of the best ways – handwritten letters. They have been proven in B2B.

They make communications more noticeable, friendlier and thus, more likely to win people back.


Offer your inactive clientele bonuses for when they come back. If they have used one of your products, reoffer it again but with an upgrade.

Tell them that when they come back, they are listed in a privileged special service class. Offer supplemental product freebies.

These work especially during customers’ birthdays, anniversaries, paydays, vacations and other important milestones. Find the right to offer and promote it.


Run A/B tests to find the best content, vessel and funnel that works for the clients you win back. When you find out what combinations work the best, only use those.

  1. CLEAN UP.

Refresh your consumer and business data regularly.

Email addresses, phone numbers, addresses change. Make sure your communications don’t fall into a black hole.


Keep your communications direct. Say “we miss you” or “we want you back”.

Don’t hide your promotion. Make coming back feel urgent so clients decide faster.

Put a scarcity into it – “Limited offer” or “Only for the first 100”.


Remove anything that gets in between engagement and return.

You don’t want to spoil the party with more pages to fill out and three-step sign-ups to endure – that’s annoying! Streamline your processes.


Abolish the repurchase decision completely. For regularly bought products, consider providing an automatic replenishment program. 

Subscription businesses can increase auto-renewals, either during enrollment or as a promotion.


Take care of your customers and they won’t leave you. Engage them and help them succeed and in return, they will surely recommend you.

If you have good customer service, the likelihood of losing clients is significantly reduced.

If you lose some clients, (maybe because a competitor fished them out of your pool), act quickly and smartly to win them back.

Be innovative, effective and enticing. Satisfy any reason why they left. Win them back with the intention to do better for them.

But why exert such efforts when we’re not running out of clients anyway?

Even a moderate customer loss rating tells prospects that your processes are not streamlined.

That’s a bad reputation. With low retention rates, people judge you as “not legit”

Remember that like any business, yours is trying to fulfil customer needs and requirements. You are the servant in the hierarchy – the provider of service.

You have nothing to do without your clients. They are your source of income.

If it is ok for you to lose clients, you are missing the point of business.

When your enterprise is founded on service and integrity, you are driving the latest Tesla of success.


To make sure your digital communication wins you customers, you should have an arsenal of tools ready to create the best content and automation.

Implement marketing and audience analysis to know your audience more. The more you know who you are communicating to, the better you can speak to them.

Use automation in your email marketing so that your clients will only see what they want to see when they want to see it.

Optimize your website so that when inactive clients search for the same products you have, your services remain as top results.

Send handwritten letters!

People nowadays are getting sick of constant pings from newsletters. This personal approach shows your sincerity in wanting to be part of your client’s journey and success.

If you’re not sure where to start in streamlining your eCommerce, check out

The Kas Andz Marketing Group will be with you every step of the way, from finding the right audience, reaching out and converting engagements to sales and expansion.

We have completed 943+ projects and have generated over $ 97 Million in sales for clients with our 35 years of collective experience.


What’s the best marketing campaign for reactivating lost customers?

The best marketing strategy is a well-rounded one. But reactivating lost customers can be a specific job for emails.

You can run reactivation email campaigns that offer lost customers valuable promotions that they can’t say no to. And when you automate the mails to drop at the right inbox at the right time, you’ll save the lost potential conversions.

But you have to make sure that your website is optimized for conversion too. Or else, the audiences might simply bounce or abandon carts again.

Is digital marketing difficult?

While it may seem straightforward to improve a website, run a newsletter campaign, or pay for internet ads, there’s a lot of marketing research that has to be done.

In order to make sure that your marketing campaigns work, you need to do in-depth market analysis that takes time and expertise.

Freelancer vs marketing team – what’s better?

With a team like KAMG on your side, you will be able to ensure that you have senior marketing specialists with who you can leave the job with. And with KAMG, you don’t need to do anything but wait for your campaigns to work.

On the other hand, when you get a freelancer to do your marketing, you’ll have one person doing the job. And you will still have to do close management of the hired freelancer if you want the job done right.

Freelancers are usually stretched too thin with many clients on their list.


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