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Quarantine 039 S Impact On Digital Marketing

In 2020, quarantines and lockdowns kept everyone away from the supposed everyday work routine. So everyone got to spend more time at home – living, working, and of course, shopping.

We have seen the quick change from not-so-digital to fully digital services when quarantines locked us in our homes. And today, we are used to doing everything on the internet.

The impact of quarantines and lockdowns can be seen today as we continue to digitise everything we do.

In the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, marketing and sales have become more digital than ever. It has fully become a norm to buy online.

There used to be many things that traditional business owners would neglect when it came to digital marketing. But because of quarantines, they had to find a way around things.

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted businesses large and small all across the world.

Despite the numerous horrible events, there were some valuable lessons for everyone, especially business owners.

So what have we learned?

Your Business Needs To Go Online

Over the last decade, checking up on social media accounts has become part of people’s daily routine. And during the 2020 pandemic, it was one of the vital tools or means of communication for many people. 

The use of the internet and social media increased dramatically when things got shut down.

Because you couldn’t have much personal interaction during the pandemic, social media usage skyrocketed, especially when it came to discovering new businesses.

Friends, colleagues, associates, and partners could only keep in touch via social media or video chatting.

From looking up movies and series to watch online, do-it-yourself tutorials, music, information, education, religion, shopping, and more, we suddenly had to rely entirely on digital options. 

And today, we’re not moving back from digital.

People are on the internet more than ever. Everyone is transacting online – groceries, bills payment, and other things to buy.

So for any business, it is vital to have a social media presence, pandemic or no pandemic. And it would be best to have a website.

Why have a website?

First of all, with a website, your shoppers can simply buy there. They come to your website, look at your products, buy, and wait for delivery.

Also, when you have a website, you show consumers that you actually exist.

Quarantine 039 S Impact On Digital Marketing

A website is like a physical store location, only online. People want to know where you are so that they know where to complain and get their money back.

Essential Businesses Are Essential

One of the things that happened in 2020 was the closing down of non-essential businesses.

So when worse comes to worst, it would be best to sell commodities that are typically necessary or of significant value. For example, while movie theatres closed, food delivery made a good rise.

It would be an excellent thing to choose a naturally resilient business like those in food, healthcare, commodities, or logistics.

You Need SEO.

People use search engines to look for products all the time. And if they are looking for a product you sell, they should find you in their search results.

You can significantly improve how much you appear in related search results by using SEO or search engine optimization.

By doing this, for example, you can ensure that people searching for “food delivery near me” on Google will see your restaurant in their search results. 

SEO is the process of improving your content so that Google and other search engines can choose to display it when someone makes a relevant query. The process involves optimizing how keywords are used in your website or online content.

With excellent SEO, when a potential client or customer searches for keywords associated with your industry, your website comes up on the first page of any search engine. 

You Need a Digital Marketing Team.

Pandemic or no pandemic, handling a business is a challenge.

If you are a business owner, you know that human resource management, operations, production, quality control, and others are already Herculean tasks. Still, you need to do marketing.

If you do not make an effort in marketing, you can drown in the competition. 

With millions of companies online and a number of brands that sell to similar consumers, your website can be lost on the internet.

And the problem is that you can already have too much to handle. Plus, digital marketing is not simple.

Digital marketing entails market research, using sophisticated tools for tracking, testing, and automation, content creation, targeting, running campaigns, and more.

And not every business owner is marketing-savvy. Most are more product-expert.

So the best thing that you can do is hand the work over to a focused team of digital marketers like KAMG.

Online is the Now and Tomorrow

Before the pandemic, working from home was unfamiliar territory for many companies.

When lockdowns happened, many business owners were compelled to stay at home due to the pandemic, but they were able to save money by temporarily closing their offices.

Skype, Discord, and Zoom have all become highly popular for conducting meetings, getting in touch with coworkers, and exchanging crucial information as if they were still in the office.

It would be best to incorporate more flexible work arrangements inside your company, whether you decide to go entirely remote or create a hybrid work environment.

You Need to be Adaptable

Some corporate strategies are pretty definite and resistant to fresh ideas, especially if they are succeeding. When a global disaster strikes, it can be challenging to adjust to a whole new way of life, particularly if cash flow is disrupted.

However, it is critical to avoid becoming stuck on a single course for an extended period of time.

Learning new facts about your industry could transform the course of your business simply by implementing a new approach to attract new customers or retain existing ones.

Your business will be perceived as more open-minded if you choose to adapt, which could lead to new clientele in the future.


Why should I do my business online?

You should make your business online because it is essentially excellent customer service.

Consumers want what they want as fast and as convenient as possible. So many today prefer shopping online because it is the path of least resistance.

If you are online, you can sell to these consumers by making it easy for them to shop for your products.

What are the different ways to undertake digital marketing?

Digital marketing strategies include SEO or search engine optimization, CRO or conversion rate optimization, email marketing, PPC, PR, and more.

You need to consider all of these things if you want to truly reach your audience and sell to them.

For example, you might have excellent SEO, bringing people from search to your website. But without CRO, your site won’t be good enough to convince and bring them to make a purchase.

Should I hire an agency or a freelancer to do my digital marketing?

When you hire an agency like KAMG, you have an entire team of senior digital marketing specialists working for you. But with a freelancer, you might have one person stretched among many clients.


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