Technical, On-Page & Off-Page Shopify SEO

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Source: Canva (FREE) If you’re running a Shopify store, then you know just how important it is to have a strong SEO (search engine optimisation) strategy. After all, if people can’t find your site when they search for the products you sell, you’re losing out on many potential sales.  SEO is essential for online stores […]

The Essential Shopify SEO Checklist | 2022


If you are running a Shopify store, you will know that getting more traffic from search engines is essential to your success. It can be hard to figure out where to start when you decide to improve the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) results for your website.  With the constant changes in how search engine rankings […]

How Blogs Benefit Your Shopify Store’s SEO Rating & Performance

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With 4.95 billion (and counting) globally connected people on the internet, there’s never been a better opportunity for businesses to incorporate blogging into their marketing strategies. Every eCommerce store should be thinking seriously about blogs. But one of the things that many Shopify store owners in particular, often ignore is the difference that effective, well-written […]

How and why does Shopify work?


The title of this article is a big question that gets bigger everyday. The answer tends to be the same, though the impact of the answer becomes more and more relevant.  Shopify, like other front end retail eCommerce solutions, are meant to help stores get online. More and more people are not heading out to […]

How Much Does Shopify Cost?


Shopify is known as one of the most flexible and diverse software products available for building an eCommerce store and business.  The flexibility extends from being a business just starting out to sellers of multi million dollars per month in orders.  While this is all housed under one roof, the Shopify umbrella, the program of […]