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With 4.95 billion (and counting) globally connected people on the internet, there’s never been a better opportunity for businesses to incorporate blogging into their marketing strategies.

Every eCommerce store should be thinking seriously about blogs. But one of the things that many Shopify store owners in particular, often ignore is the difference that effective, well-written blogs for their website can make. 

Blogs are often not considered for websites and merchants tend to overlook them, think that they are irrelevant or simply don’t know what to do with them..

Without blogs on their Shopify site, merchants miss out on:

  • Providing their users with valuable information that should improve brand reliability, relevance, authority and trustworthiness
  • Having more Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) opportunities to use relevant keywords and to rank for them on search engines

Posting blogs on your Shopify store simply helps your customers know that you are an expert in your niche.

If you are researching and writing good blogs about a topic, you must know what you are talking about, right?

And your site users get to enjoy free beneficial information about your products and market which can increase their preference for your business in the long run.

But more importantly, in terms of SEO, it gives you more opportunities to optimise your online store for search engines and to rank higher on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

In this article, we will discuss:

  • How blogging boosts Shopify SEO results,
  • Other business benefits of posting blogs, and
  • How best you can take advantage of these benefits for your business.

Let’s dive in.

Blogs improve your Shopify SEO results.

Business blogging is a promotional strategy that uses articles to increase your company’s visibility online. 

Essentially, blogs help improve your store’s SEO quality by positioning your site as a relevant source of information for potential clients’ queries.

Also, blog posts are an excellent opportunity for you to use a variety of on-page SEO strategies that provide more opportunities for you to rank higher on search engines, making your store more appealing and authoritative to users.

So blogs, primarily, help bring more traffic to your site.

How Blogs Benefit Your Shopify Store 039 S Seo Rating Amp Performance

Blogs help Google, and other search engines know that your Shopify store is active.

Posting regularly shows that your website is alive and being taken care of. Google loves living websites.

Sites that go live and then are never maintained, soon drop down the ranks and become forgotten.

That said, you don’t have to constantly update your pages and create new ones. But every time you publish a blog, you effectively add one more indexed page to your website.

Adding an indexed page is like donating a new book to a library. The librarians have to process that book and put it on the shelf.

The more books you have on the shelf, the better the chances are of you being noticed. 

That book (blog) then becomes one more opportunity for your content to show up on the SERPs and potentially bring more people to your store.

Blogging aids in your link-building efforts.

Inbound links, also known as backlinks, are one of the 200 factors the Google algorithm considers when ranking a site on SERPs. 

Backlinks are regarded as the third most important factor in search engine optimisation by many experts and small business owners.

Although generating inbound links is essential, 41% of SEO experts believe link building is the most challenging aspect of search optimisation.

It will be easier to obtain relevant links if you write articles that are not only useful to your potential customers but also to other companies that your audience regards as industry leaders.

Yet blogging provides more than better SEO.

According to Hubspot’s 2021 Executive Marketing Survey, “20% of marketing leaders described company blogs as one of their “most important channels” for hitting goals.”

This is because blogs can do so much for your website.

In the same study, they also found that 56% of respondents have made a purchase from a company after reading a blog they published.

Here’s how blogs can further benefit your business.

How Blogs Benefit Your Shopify Store 039 S Seo Rating Amp Performance

Blogs can be repurposed for your social media marketing.

When you publish a new blog post, you generate content that people can share on social media platforms. This helps expose your company to a new audience that may not be familiar with you yet.

Blog content can also help maintain your social media presence.

Rather than asking your social media manager to create new content for social media constantly, blogs can serve as a repository of content.

You can effectively increase your social reach with blog content while driving new website visitors to your blog through your social channels.

Blogs help convert traffic into prospects.

When you have website traffic from your blog, you have the chance to convert that site traffic into prospects.

Every blog post you write is a new opportunity to get new prospects, just like every other indexed page. All you have to do is to include a lead-generating call-to-action (CTA) in each blog post.

You can use CTAs that lead to freebies, discounts, or any other content asset for which someone is willing to exchange their information.

How Blogs Benefit Your Shopify Store 039 S Seo Rating Amp Performance

Take advantage of blogging for better SEO results and Shopify marketing.

You’ve seen the advantages of having a business blog:

  • Greater traffic,
  • More leads,
  • Enhanced authority, and
  • A strengthened relationship with your audience.

And you’re probably eager to get started.

To start blogging, you need excellent market and SEO research. And you have to ensure that the topics and keywords that you want to potentially write about are relevant to your target audience.

There is no point in writing a blog if no one is going to read it.

Knowing what topic to write about, what keywords to use and how to structure your blog correctly can be very tricky. It also takes time.

Doing it without the right expertise can take plenty of time and effort that you might not have as a busy business owner.

But there’s a solution to that.

You can simply hire us, the Kas Andz Marketing Group.

We have been serving Shopify owners, B2B companies and more, helping them with their SEO results, blogs and backlinking campaigns for many years.

How Blogs Benefit Your Shopify Store 039 S Seo Rating Amp Performance

Whether you are a starting business, a company looking to improve your on-page SEO results or simply want to do less marketing work and to focus on growing your business, we can help you.

Hire us, and you will have a complete team of senior SEO specialists working by your side. And we will ensure that you get the traffic, customers and revenue results that you want.

We do the work, you make the money.

All you need to do is book a FREE discovery call today, and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours so we can discuss how we can collaborate.

It’s time for you to enjoy better results and bigger profits with your Shopify store. 


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