Email Copywriting Essentials

If your email’s body copy is not written well, you will lose the chances of converting your readers or getting them to click through your CTA or Call-to-Action.

So it is not enough that you put a significant amount of focus on ensuring excellent subject lines. You want to ensure your email body copy informs and motivates your readers well enough to do what you want them to.

In this section of the email marketing hub, we will discuss tried and tested pointers on how to craft your email body copy. And at the end of this section, we will give you actual examples of excellent marketing emails.

You will learn the following parts of an email body and how you can write them well.

  • Writing the Intro
  • Crafting the Body, Segue and Benefits
  • Writing the Close
  • The Postscript

One thing to remember when writing emails is that there is no one-size-fits-all formula.

First of all, not all of your email subscribers will be at the same stage of the customer journey with you. So if you’re emailing to return customers, the copy shouldn’t sound the same as what you would send to new email subscribers.

Also, not all of your emails will funnel people to a sales pitch. So how you will write your copy depends on the context.

But as a guide, you can follow the steps below.

Writing the Intro

A good email intro accomplishes the following:

  • It gives sense to your subject line.
  • It directly establishes the context as to why you’re sending a message.
  • It takes a significant step toward establishing trust and confidence
  • It transitions the reader smoothly to your CTA.

And your intro can be done in one or two sentences.

Here’s an email intro template you can use.

Hey [prospect name],

I wanted to reach out after I saw that your team is currently posting a lot of amazing material.

And I’ve been working with numerous similar organisations [such as recognisable brand X, Y, and Z] to help create considerably more prospects from their content using our automation solutions.

From here, you’ll be able to readily transition into a pitch that is relevant to the context you’ve established.

Here are more templates.

Context-Building Intro

I hope you’re having a good day!

I wanted to reach out because [explain how we obtained their contact information].

And we’ve been working a lot with similar companies to [brief description of the problem you solve/value you bring].

Trust-Building Intro

Hello, my name is [name].

I work for [business name]. And we collaborate with businesses ranging from [name of a company similar to recipient’s business] to [insert one-sentence pitch].

Referral Request Intro

I apologize for bothering you with this reference request.

Would you please tell me who is in charge of [insert your largest pain point resonating with your target client].

How I may contact them?

Crafting the Body, Segue and Benefits

Before you set down to write your pitch, it’s critical to first consider what you want to accomplish with your email.

It’s only once you know exactly what you’re wanting to obtain out of this interaction, that you can organize a sales email to reach these aims.

So, what is the main purpose of your sales email?

  • Is the goal to immediately have the reader click through your CTA?
  • Do you want to pique people’s interests and get them to agree to a short discovery call?
  • Is your goal to get them to try your product for free?

With your particular goal in mind, your email body should then help you accomplish the following.

  • Establish further who you are to induce credibility and trust.
  • Make the problem you are trying to solve clear in one simple sentence.
  • Highlight simple-to-understand benefits that your reader can significantly relate with.

So you should ensure that your email body is value-driven and that the benefits are indeed made clear. After all, it’s what your reader is looking for – what they would get from you.

Here are some excellent email body templates you can work with.

Hello [First name],

I am [sender’s name] from [sender’s company name].

Our job is to help brands like [name of relevant company] to [your one-sentence offer].

[Write a sentence here to talk about the unique benefit you can give the recipient’s organisation].

I was hoping that you can direct me to the right team member to talk to about this at [recipient’s company name].

I would like to discover if this can be something valuable to integrate with your workflow?
[sender’s name]
Hola [recipient’s name],

[Sender’s company name] has a new tool that will help your [recipient’s organisation name] team. [A sentence pitching benefits].

Our platform can help you:

Benefit 1
Benefit 2
Benefit 3

We appear to be a wonderful fit for you and your teams work.

So I’d love to share more information with you.

Are you free to have a quick call anytime soon?

[Sender’s name]

As a general rule, keep the logic and flow of your body excellent. And ensure to maintain a clear email copy that is relevant to your prospect’s demands and free of fluff.

Writing The Close

You’ve failed if your sales email doesn’t wrap up with a really straightforward call-to-action (CTA) that makes it clear what steps you’re asking your reader to take right now.

Ensure that your closing statement:

  • Has a clear and specific CTA.
  • Doesn’t have too many CTAs, confusing your reader.
  • Has a CTA that is not difficult to do or asking for too much.

So ensure that you give precise dates and times when appropriate.

For example:

Is next Wednesday at 10am or Thursday at 4pm good for a 10-minute call?”

And if your CTA process is naturally complex, simplify the explanation.

For example:

Here’s a link that’s going to expire soon—it will give you a free trial extension of 30 days.

Simply click this link and you’ll be able to try out the product in one minute  and see the results for yourself.

Note: Not all CTAs require a link. A CTA can be something like “So keep your eye on your inbox for a surprise this week.”

And when you’re done with the closing statement, ensure that you have an excellent signature.

Your signature can be an additional help to establish trust by placing accolades like press features or your most significant award.

For example, you can do something like:

Kas Andz
Top Email Marketer – Clutch Awards

You can also optionally upsell or give more value with things you know your recipient may be interested in. You may place a link or several ones that lead to your free or for sale book, YouTube video, podcast or article.

Simply ensure that they are made subtle so that the email’s main CTA doesn’t lose attention to your signature’s links.

For example, you can have something like:

Rehan Saleem
CEO – Sale’Em Ltd.

Subscribe to my Better Sales Podcast.
Watch my Keynote Speech at Harvard University.
Download my free Sell Double Audiobook.

The Postscript

The postscript is an optional part of your email body. And while some marketers veer away from it because they think it makes them “sound like they forgot something,” it can be a vital part of your email that reinforces its impact.

A P.S. done right can increase your email’s persuasive power. 

For example, here’s an email with a P.S. from the famous copywriter and author, Robert Bly.

Crafting Your Body Copy

As you can see, it reinforces the body and adds motivation to the reader to go for the CTA.

Here’s another example.

Crafting Your Body Copy

With a statement of urgency, the PS in the example further encourages the reader to act quickly and do the CTA.

Examples of Excellent Marketing Emails

Here’s an email from DigitalMarketer designed to keep the reader engaged.

Crafting Your Body Copy
Crafting Your Body Copy
Crafting Your Body Copy
Crafting Your Body Copy

Here’s another example of an email from a Filipino copywriting company.

Crafting Your Body Copy
Crafting Your Body Copy
Crafting Your Body Copy
Crafting Your Body Copy
Crafting Your Body Copy

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