Email Copywriting Essentials

If you don’t direct your reader to a clear and enticing call to action or CTA, you wouldn’t be yielding results from your email campaigns.

So you have to also put a considerable amount of effort into ensuring that your CTA is well done.

In this section, we will discuss:

  • What CTAs are,
  • The types of messaging that can improve your CTA
  • Some examples of excellent CTAs.

What is a Call to Action?

In marketing, a call to action or CTA refers to any design that is intended to elicit an immediate response or stimulate an immediate sale.

A CTA is most commonly used to describe the usage of words or phrases that can be inserted into sales or advertising copy, or websites to urge an audience to do an action you want them to do.

And it does the same thing in the context of emails.

Take this email from LinkedIn for example.

Creating Your Calls To Action

It is a simple message telling the recipient that he has 8 new invitations. 

And the call to action is the button that says “View Invitations” which should lead him to a LinkedIn page where he can view those 8 new invitations and do to them whatever he wants.

Clearly, the email here is intended to keep you using LinkedIn and the sender accomplishes that by leading you to effectively click-through the CTA and go to the LinkedIn platform.

The more email recipients click on your CTA, the higher your CTR or click-through rate is (for that email). Your email click-through rate is the percentage of your email recipients who clicked your CTA.

And you want a high CTR because it would mean you are effectively leading your audience through your funnel to conversion.

You may want to lead them to:

  • Visit a webpage or site.
  • Shop for an item.
  • Watch a video.
  • Subscribe to something.
  • Download something.

Whatever you want your reader to do because of having read your email, the CTA is your way of getting that done.

As general guidelines, your CTAs have to be:

  • Clear and simple to understand,
  • Perfectly representing the action you want to be done and
  • Written in a way that effectively convinces the reader to click it.

Of course, the CTA doesn’t work alone to convert your readers. The subject line brings the recipient to open the email and the body prepares the reader towards doing what you want them to.

And the latter connection is the crucial part that either motivates the reader to click your CTA or not.

So you have to ensure that the way you build up to your CTA stirs your reader’s emotions and creates a need to do what you want them to do.

Here are some types of messaging that you can use to effectively get your clicks.

Pose a Benefit-Driven Question

As you have learned from the previous section about writing your email’s body, a list or statement of benefits can improve the persuasiveness of your message.

So one thing you can do is to direct the benefits to the reader in the form of a question.

Here’s a template you can follow.

Hey [Recipient’s name]!

I hope everything’s doing great for you today.

I’d like to tell you about our [offering].

We have been working with [famous client companies similar to recipient’s], helping them [statement of benefits] without them having to lift a finger.

We help our clients achieve:

Benefit 1
Benefit 2
Benefit 3

All with no hassle.

And we’ve been awarded the [name of award] by [awarding entity] for our work having [really enticing result]] in just [timeframe]. 

And a lot of other companies have started to join us, but how about you?

Do you want [really enticing result] in [timeframe]?” 

If you’re interested, then that’s good news.

We think we are a match with your team at [recipient’s company name], and we can help you achieve more in a short period, no-hassle. This is why we selected only you and a few other exclusive people to receive this email.

And we can start with a discovery call at any time of your convenience – maybe tomorrow at 10am or 3pm?

Simply book a schedule here so we can talk about it.

But please take note that we’re running out of slots – we’re now only open to 10 more companies and we will close the campaign by [reasonable deadline].

So we hope to hear from you soon [recipient’s name]. If not, we’ll send you a reminder if slots are still available.

It’s going to be exciting.



P.S. If you miss out on this, we will reach out again in three months. So don’t worry.

While this example is more Business-to-Business or B2B-oriented, it is clear how the messaging points the benefits back at the reader.

With a little bit of tweaking, and you can use that template for retail, service and other types of business.

Of course, the benefit you are pitching should be enticing in and of itself.

But as the reader is being asked if they would like something undeniably good to happen, surely the answer would be yes.

And potentially, that encourages the reader to click on the CTA.

Connecting Proof with Product

Looking at the same example from above, you can see how the messaging includes the fact that you’ve been bringing success to companies similar to the reader’s.

Additionally, it includes the fact that you have been awarded for your successful service delivery.

These serve as social proof that you are reliable and effective at what you offer.

This additionally encourages your reader to trust your business and increases the likelihood of them clicking through.

Showing the Possible Results

If you haven’t caught up with the principle already, stating the benefits and possible results in your email copy can significantly increase your chances of converting your reader.

In the example above, the reader is given an array of benefits and is even asked if they like to have it for themselves or not.

These all give them a peek at how satisfied they can become when indulging with your business, increasing the possibility of them going for your CTA.

Showing Human Emotions

One of the most prominent tips email copywriters get from experts is to write conversationally and lead your readers to feel certain emotions that bring them to go for your CTA.

And one thing that you can take advantage of is empathy. If you write in a way that makes the reader feel like you are enthusiastic about their success, they will probably empathise with the emotion and be the same way.

Giving a Sense of Urgency

In the sample email above, you can see that there are sections telling the reader that the offer is limited. And for fear of missing out on all the benefits and possibilities you have laid out, your reader will most likely go for your CTA.

Increase your email CTRs with mindful and intelligent copywriting.

Of course, your messaging will vary depending on your type of business and who your target audience is.

But these tips will help you ensure that you’re hitting all the bits that increases your chances of getting your readers to act.

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