Here are tried and tested email funnels that can benefit your eCommerce business.

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Email funnels allow you to nurture a relationship with a subscriber, educate a potential customer on the benefits of a product and nudge people to decide and purchase from you. They convert prospects to customers and retain them as loyal patrons. With proper automation, targeting, timing and with the right content, email funnels can effectively expand your enterprise with efficiency. The best email funnels get the biggest results for your eCommerce businesses.

The Nitty Gritty

An email funnel directs how your prospect moves through the process of becoming a customer. It is often crafted through educational content and persuasive selling. It shows the step-by-step process, a clear plan, of what you communicate to who and when you do it.


The email funnel starts after your offering has been noticed via ads, search results, social media, reviews, and others. This is the part where you have the most control to direct people to actually buy, turning traffic to sales.

First, you gather email subscribers via forms and landing pages where you have promoted yourself to them. Then,  you get to engage these subscribers with targeted and well-timed emails. With your well-tailored content and good timing, these subscribers purchase and become your customers.

The Power of Email Funnels


When you don’t plan out or set up a system for how you engage your email subscribers, you’ll be shooting at random and you’re bound for chaos – needlessly asking questions to seek answers that could’ve been given by SEO statistics and site analysis and data management; either aimlessly treating each subscriber the same with no personalization or getting too casual for comfort; and consequently wasting time you should’ve spent engaging the rest of your subscribers. When you plan your emails, you save time and resources.

In the digital world where time is money, efficiency is king; and targeted email funnels have that power. The more you optimize your marketing tools, the more time you can spend on getting more subscribers and consequently more sales and customer retention. Profit and customer loyalty are major determinants for the expansion of your eCommerce business.

There are many email funnel schemes that can bring you to eCommerce dominance. It’s a matter of knowing who your audience is and what works for them. When you know your market’s online behaviour, you can optimize your timing and make sure that your email funnels have the perfect narrative for them. Once you’re set with this knowledge, choose the best email strategy that fits your market.

Proven Email Funnels that get Results

The right email funnel is one that is specific to your target market. You can use a tried-and-true system or a combination of methods, so long as they work for your subscribers. If they convert subscribers to customers who buy your offerings, then you have the right email machine.


Tease and Release Emails

It is exactly what it is. You entice your subscribers with an email that has a teaser for a product you know will potentially excites them. Then, you let the excitement brew in them with a time gap. At the right time, you release the product and the subscribers’ excitement will be satisfied by purchase.

Anger-Offer Emails

While based on facts, this approach is slightly manipulative but effective. First, your subscribers get an email about a product or phenomenon that angers or frustrates them. The message may include a hint of how you are developing something that can eliminate those emotions. At the right time, you email with an offer that saves them from the bad feelings you gave them in the first place. Use this maybe for a new product. Talk about how other brands with the same product can be frustrating. When you offer yours, just make  sure that your product walks the talk in solving the things that the competition cannot.

Exit Package Emails

This is a reverse of what we usually do in marketing. Most of the time, we sugar coat our selling pitch and  conceal our direct motive to sound anything but hard.

With exit package emails, you directly tell subscribers what you are about and what you expect of them and what they can expect of you directly but in a reverse psychology kind of manner. You give them the chance to unsubscribe by listing why they should go – these are things that you are about that can be overbearing; mostly that you will really be selling. Tell them that you’re only mailing them to be of help. Give them some tease and tell them they can stay if they’re truly engaged about your product.

In the next mail, give them more reasons why they should stay while still asking them to exit if they think they should – this offer should be made so that your target sees that you have what they want more  than why they should unsubscribe, hence you retain the subscription with the added value of not sounding inauthentic.


Director’s Cut Emails

This can work for your more loyal customers – nudging them into getting more interested. While they get all the other targeted emails that all your subscribers get, you offer your loyal group some services that can take them behind the scenes to have a glimpse of your process. These behind-the-scenes offerings make them feel more engaged and intensify their commitment to your brand.

Damning Admission Emails

This is similar to exit package emails in that it breaks with the marketing façade. In your first mail, show how fallible you were to make a wrong decision in purchasing products and you want these items out for the lowest price you can offer. Give it time, and then give a last chance offer for a next email.

Promote your Emails

We cannot stress enough that time is currency. Even with an able team of email marketers, your email funnel scheme will have to have automation somewhere along the way.

Automation will help you categorize, measure and speed-up your emails depending on your personal customization.

KAMG has the best eCommerce services that you need. Our eCommerce marketing service can help bring you better sales. We can build your email funnel with attractive and engaging content based on the behaviour of your target market. We will fully automate your emails while making sure that their content feels personal and professional. We will create your emails with maximum potency and make sure we are only showing the most relevant content to your subscribers. We use Send Time Optimization to make sure subscribers get emails when they want them and we divide your mailing list into groups so that subscribers will only see the products and content that they want.

All you need to be successful with your email funnel is well-timed content that is optimised to the needs of your audience. With automation, you become able to maximize your time in improving other facets of your eCommerce site and to grow your company.


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