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One of the more commonly used methods of influencer marketing is the Sponsored Content strategy.  This is where the marketer pays an influencer to create and publish content attaching their brand or product to it – a fundamentally easy and effective means of getting leads. 

Here are 6 creative ways in running a sponsored content campaign:


YouTube hosts the most number of How-To videos. You can do these to promote your products on your brand-owned channel or on your hired influencer’s channel as sponsored content. 

Many people today lookup for things that they can do out of boredom or interest in being productive. Good use of HOW-TO campaigns requires the right influencer and the proper amount of research. Your campaign must make the most out of what you want to be featured in your product or service. 

You have to smartly decide on how you want the target audience to see your product –should it be lively, straightforward or whatever works for the influencer-brand match. 

One of the best HOW-TO challenges nowadays is from a fitness guru who challenges people with two-week workouts to lose weight – lookup Chloe Ting. 

The majority of her audience is female. These followers accepted the challenge and have since bombarded  Youtube and Instagram with their progress while tagging her. 

The amount of views she has since then skyrocketed and she is now constantly on the recommendation list when you search with fitness-related keywords (she uses SEO too). 

Although she mostly monetizes ads and views, you can see that hiring her to promote products means that your line must be fitness-related. 

Product Placement

This generation responds to the command of authenticity – they assess who to follow by looking at the influencer’s “legit” factor and integrity to the values they uphold. These values make the influencer’s influence strong and when your product is associated with these, the followers will also value them. 

By letting influencers weave stories they are known while integrating and using your product in their content, you are able to reach the influencer’s engaged niche.

One of the challenges here is the control of creative freedom. You must hire an influencer whose creative license you approve of. Then you can trust the influencer to deliver content worthy of views and shares that will eventually bring your business your warranted inquiries. 

Celeb Snacks 1

A good simple example of this is a staple series on FBE’s React Channel with their videos about trying out celebrity favourite foods where influencers try out and taste various items. In the videos, both the company who made the food and the name of the food are presented as the influencers react with whether they like them or not. However they do, the act of trying them in itself entices audience curiosity that can turn to a product purchase. 

Product Consideration 


This type of campaign is the most straightforward way to convert your consumers who are at the bottom of the marketing funnel. 

Promos have its own charm in attracting your target audience and are easier to spread about through the use of unique codes and tracking links which also translate into measuring your ROI. 

A great example for this would be an airline company’s seat sale where you can run a couple few influencers to disseminate information about the said promo and would get more than its expected views or reach than letting it sit idle without any influencer support. 

A good influencer’s recommendation is undeniably effective in selling.

Guides & Reviews 

One of the most credible sources of information is influencers who post guides and reviews. This is a  method where the influencer gives the audience a walkthrough of your product: the what’s, how’s, and where to’s.  

It is crucial to choose the right influencer for the right product or service. It should be as if your product is tailormade to that influencer’s taste for them to create a convincing and realistic approach in marketing your product or service. 

SEO stats and site analysis are a great help in tracking whether your demographic perfectly matches your influencers’. With this data, you can also see how credible your prospect influencer is. 

You can also hire consultant SEO services to seek advice on the best marketing strategies to use with influencers. Employing SEO content services for your influencer’s content will also boost your guide &  review campaigns.  

Visit kasandz.com – we are a national SEO company here to help with your video search engine optimization and increase the reach of your campaigns with creative influencers. 

Brand Awareness 

Influencer marketing is a perfect avenue to launch new products. Some subscribers to influencers come to them for the latest trends and items related to their lifestyle and what they value the influencer for.

Fun Cook

A lot of trendy meal kit sites started advertising by sponsoring cooking, food, or home-related content videos. 

An extra boost upon start-up is usually a good place to start on the chart. 

Emotional Storytelling 

Powerful use of sponsored content is through reaching out and getting through your audience’s emotions. This has been tested and proven to catch attention, especially when done right. 

The challenge now comes in on how your influencer tastefully relates their emotional stories to your target audience while subtly meshing in your product or service. Relatability is of the essence. 

When the influencer gains momentum and subscriber loyalty is sustained, your product will be as much a consumer staple as the carrier. 


Audible sponsors a good number of really influential YouTubers. The influencers they pick are those who have been on the platform for a long time – well-established entertainers who evoke nostalgia and have a good foundation in terms of reputation and subscribership.  

One of them is Jacksfilms, a YouTuber people have followed as early as 2006. This career age gives him reliability and trustworthiness, hence, almost anything he promotes will be subscribed to by his people.

So, if you want a good boost on your traffic and sales, you can try sponsoring a YouTuber. All you have to do is choose the right person who matches the values and promotional needs of your product and give them what they require to be able to integrate your offerings on their content. 

When done right, creative influencers will bring you leads, traffic, and conversions. You just have to be ready with a well-done and optimized site. The best way to do this is by getting help from a professional  SEO company like Kas Andz Marketing Group. 

Talk to us. Together we can make sure that all your campaigns and marketing tactics will have 100% success rate.


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