Must-Have Marketing Tools

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In this competitive digital-first world, businesses can no longer survive without marketing. Marketing tools are a must-have in growing your business. Marketing can be a little tedious but with the help of the right marketing tools, you can ensure that your business always gets leads and conversions. The Nitty Gritty Almost every business today is […]

The Ultimate Facebook PPC Campaign

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The market has become much more attractive for brands and companies of all sizes in recent years. In order to meet their target audience, marketers have had to turn to paying alternatives. Social media is a strong marketing tool for reaching mass audiences and growing awareness about brands. Thus, Facebook Pay Per Click (Facebook PPC), […]

6 Effective Creative Influencer Marketing Campaigns

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One of the more commonly used methods of influencer marketing is the Sponsored Content strategy.  This is where the marketer pays an influencer to create and publish content attaching their brand or product to it – a fundamentally easy and effective means of getting leads.  Here are 6 creative ways in running a sponsored content […]

Generational Marketing Tips and Tricks

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Social marketing studies people’s behaviours and uses this knowledge to properly target them with the right products. It is common knowledge that different generations each have their own values and characteristics and a lot of these can determine their behaviours. Hence, having awareness of the needs and behaviours of existing generations can give you a […]

People Will Skip Your Ads If You Don’t Read This.


When your ad keeps on getting deliberately skipped, you are most probably targeting the wrong audience and providing content that they do not appreciate. Ads that don’t get skipped are those that are made with content that stirs the emotions of a targeted market. When you display your ads on the right platform,  one where […]

What is PPC [For Beginners]


What is PPC? How does it work? Should I be using it for my eCommerce? Isn’t it very technical and expensive? These are questions that many business owners, both new and established are asking themselves. Luckily we have the answers. In this article, we will discuss every essential thing you need to know about PPC […]

Get Your Lost B2B Customers Back

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You will lose your clients if you don’t treat them right. If your process from prospect level to purchase and retention gives bad experiences and inconveniences, you will lose your customers. If you let your clients feel ignored and you do not check up on them while keeping them uninformed of your other services, they […]

Social Marketing 101

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Social marketing is the combination of the marketing processes of commerce and the sciences that study society. It is a powerful tool of influence that changes market behaviour sustainably and inexpensively.  It is an approach aimed at changing and maintaining people’s behaviour, may it be for the benefit of an individual or society as a […]

How to create an email newsletter


Creating an email newsletter can be fun as well as critically important for your business’s continued success and growth. What is an email newsletter? An email newsletter is basically an email that you send out to your list of subscribers on a semi regular basis. Some frequencies can be daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and sometimes […]

How to Write a Newsletter Email


How to Write a Newsletter Email Tips and Strategies for Creating Newsletters and Running Email Campaigns that Convert! Right now, around 100,000+ people are hovering above the unsubscribe button, and, your emails could be one of the things people are trying to avoid. Imagine your audiences associating your emails with spam and irrelevant content. As […]