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In 2020, a pandemic locked us up in our homes, and most of us found TikTok – a once unknown, not-so-classy looking, karaoke app.

Now, thanks to pop-culture juicy memey content, it has become a highly populated digital haven perfect for promoting products.

You can sponsor popular users for product placement, run ads or manage your own account to reach potential customers for your business. 

Tiktok Featured

The Nitty Gritty 

Nitty Gritty

From Nothing to Everything 

TikTok is a Chinese video-sharing social networking service that started in 2012. 

DUring its initial start-up phase it was more like a virtual karaoke app (it was kind of like Dubsmash).

The developers were running ad campaigns on YouTube, Facebook, and others, slowly but surely getting attention while picking up scraps from a similar (close enough) short-format platform – Vine

As it went, TikTok never gave up, continued to improve its user experience, and gained some traction over the years. Although Vine had a good run it died in 2016 and users were left to find the next trendy alternative.

On its own, TikTok’s positive overall user feedback was to give it an inevitable organic rise. Still, of course, Vine users started finding TikTok as a suitable replacement (although some creators also transitioned to YouTube then, ultimately  shifted to TikTok too during the pandemic). 

The app has worked itself up to a peak in 2018, and it has never rolled downhill since.

Content creators who fuel TikTok with their homemade videos, trending sounds, and hashtag challenges had, more so, given their crescendo a boost. 

TikTok went from a weird Chinese-developed app to one of the world’s most popular social media platforms. 

Digital Gold Mine 

In 2020, more than ever, because we had #lit and #woke social beings locked at home indefinitely, and the world’s digital community became the only compensation, the internet spoke, and 2020 became the year of TikTok and its quarantine challenges.

And today, the app is a staple.

TikTok videos get reposted everywhere: Facebookers, including its Boomer users, partake of it, Millennials put their family group TikToks on Instagram, and Xennials make memes and slap it on Reddit.

It is not a surprise because the platform has been developed in the right way.

It is trendy, swims in meme culture and allows for creators of different art forms – dance, music, singing, comedy sketches & skits, weird talents, fashion & make-up, and anything SFW you can think of that can be recorded in short and vertical TikTok format. 

Wherever TikTok is, there are a hefty amount of people watching, trying hard and failing, getting famous, advertising, earning and selling. 

To date, the Top 5 Most followed TikTok accounts are: 

  1. @charlidamelio – 125.6 Million Followers
  2. @khaby.lame – 115 Million Followers
  3. @addisonre – 84.8 Million Followers
  4. @bellapoarch – 83.4 Million Followers
  5. @zachking – 65.5 Million Followers

Any eCommerce marketing expert cannot deny the already-being-exploited potential of these numbers – simply imagine the reach.

The scroll rates, the user hours spent, and just the population itself tell the tale of this digital gold.

Tottok Ads

Advertising on TikTok

Even for any other platform: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, etc., monetization and product promotion are available.

Where people are digitally represented and active, there are ways to be seen. 

Three Ways You Can Promote Products on TikTok

The gold rush is still on, and you should get on it – no brainer. Here are a few simple ways to put TikTok to your business’ good use. 

1. Collaborate with, sponsor, or grow a local TikToker. 

This is one of the more obvious, practical and true-to-the creative soul of TikTok ways to advertise on the platform. Simply pay someone TikTok-popular in your area to promote your brand through product placement. 

Even go as far as to make a brand ambassador out of that local talent. You can also nurture someone over time to be a TikToker (this is a slower process but the potential value is greater).

They will be glad to earn, and you will be delighted to be digitally boosted. 

However, a more specific way is for you to boost your product placement from a TikToker by gaining  a “good review and recommendation” from them. This will make your product more personable and feel more approachable.

But unlike ads that properly target large portions of a certain demographic, the disadvantage is that you only reach as far as your ambassador’s audience. Hence it helps if your TikToker is very popular. Choose wisely!

2. Of course, run ads on TikTok. 

TikTok advertising costs begin at $0.50 per mile or 1000 views and $0.02 per click. And there is a required minimum ad spend of $500 for a TikTok Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign.

Marketing experts who have utilized native TikTok ads advise that you should fund at least $1,000 for even a simple ad.

Some even say that you should be ready to pay $50,000 to $100,000 to run ads on TikTok.

This is pricey, but for a platform as popular as this, it would be best for you not to shy away from it if your product has potential. 

Of their ad campaign options; in-feed native ads, brand takeover ads, and hashtag challenges, hashtag challenges is the closest to the essence of TikTok – when it becomes a fad or trend and catches on, it can spread like wildfire.

The key is proper targeting, having a really good product, and picking the best ad campaign option while making sure its campaign is as trendy as its  target market.

3. Make your own TikTok channel.

If you have a good social media marketing machine, and your brand fits right with the demographics for TikTok, set up an account for your business.

Just make sure you make your content interesting and your product placement not overbearing.

Don’t forget that people open TikTok not to shop – they TikTok for fun and fad above all else.

The ingredients to success here are creativity, the ability to catch on with trends, intelligently edited videos,  and timeliness and virality of content – be a good TikToker and apply some video search engine optimization.


Social media is where everyone is now, and it is an opportunity for you to establish your businesses on any social media platform, like TikTok.

And you can start with ads.

KAMG is a PPC marketing company that specializes in all platforms. We make sure that your ads base on proper market research, hit suitable targets, and get you the customers you want.


What businesses are good to advertise on TikTok?

Any kind of business can advertise on TikTok. Whether you are in retail, merchandising, food, education, lifestyle, and others, you can leverage TikTok ads.

Many demographics use the platform, and you can reach them with the correct targeting.

How does PPC work?

Pay-per-click ads work by displaying your advertisement on targeted spaces on a platform. You don’t pay for anything unless a consumer clicks on your ad.

When the consumer clicks on your ad, they can be redirected to a shopping page where they can buy your product.

Why hire a PPC marketing team?

Handling the operations, human resources, production, and other aspects of a business will already take plenty of time and effort.

If you add to your list all the technical work of PPC and other digital marketing needs, you might stretch yourself too thin and lose quality on everything you do.

You are better off working with a team like KAMG.


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