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The digital population is growing. When you know what kind of people would really buy your product and where they are in the digital world (what social media and search engines they use), their online activity and behaviour, purchasing power and habit, you have a target. When you have a target, use the right search engine optimization and email automation to reach them and they will buy and buy again! 

Targeting The Digital Population

The Nitty Gritty 

There are almost 4.57 billion active internet users as of April 2020, covering 59% of the global population. The countries of China, India and the United States rank ahead of all others in terms of internet population. 

This population is diverse and vastly spread. People use different hardware, software, internet providers, VPNs, social media platforms, search engines, and more. It would seem so that to find a specific group of people, you would need high-tech optimization tools. With the help of professional SEO services, anyone can narrow the digital population down to niche.

Scaling the Wild Wide Web

It is a wild, wide web but all activities done on the internet by people are numbered, stored and readable.  When you know who you are looking for, there are SEO statistics and site analyses available for you to track similarities, behaviours and interests that you can use to group people to a certain demographic. That group of people mostly have very similar lifestyles and hence, purchasing behaviour and capacity. 

Knowing these groups allows you to seam-fit your marketing strategy and advertising campaigns to make sure you get to them at the right time, on the right platform and with the right content to offer your products to them so they will potentially purchase. 

Optimum Targeting Sales

Targeting The Digital Population

Strategize your digital marketing! When you have your targeted market on sight, you must not waste the reach. Accuracy allows you to target those who will really potentially buy; either find the already converted people who will buy just by good enticement or find a way to attract someone by employing more sophisticated SEO tools. 

Using SEO in your digital marketing is like taking a sniper and making sure every shot counts. Using untargeted methods is like drunk shooting with a machine gun where hundreds of bullets are wasted.  SEO marketing experts agree that with affordable search engine optimization, you can save up to 80% on advertisement costs while growing sales. 

Turning sales into traffic is done by making sure that those who enter your website are those who have been properly targeted by your ads and digital presence.  

Your optimized business solutions will further your reach, but social media can take it to a higher level. 

Targeting with Social Media 

Targeting The Digital Population

Social media has its own labelling, and you can find some success if you know how to target with their native marketing tools. They have the potential to give you a high conversion rate, but it also has its limits. 

Mastering social media requires that you know who is on the platform. The stereotype is, Facebook is  for Boomers, Instagram is for Millennials, Reddit is for the Lit, TikTok is for the Trendy, and Discord is for the Meta. Knowing the exact parameters of your social media platform can narrow down the population. Many of these platforms have collection bags for people with similar interests like FB Pages and Groups, Subreddits, Hashtags, etc.  

Good research on social genres and subgenres can get you to the right number of people, although within the limit of the general population of the platform. 

For example, if you are selling trendy clothes, you most probably should be on Instagram. You could post your organic model photos with your products and these posts are automatically posted on your Facebook page. You can also collaborate with popular influencers in the #fashion and reach their fans. 

Although it is not as well targeted as a complete SEO digital marketing plan, social media can get you to an audience. 

The key is to engage them when they notice you. You need a powerful eCommerce tool to make sure you get sales and that your customer growth and retention rates never fall. 

eCommerce Targeting 

eCommerce is king and so are eCommerce email services. Everything from toothpicks to digital amenities are being sold online – you need to have a good eCommerce strategy.

Targeting The Digital Population

A successful eCommerce strategy employs innovative attraction strategies to increase sign-ups.  Engaging content keeps your customers coming back for more. You must fully automate your emails for efficiency and consistency; but make sure your email timing and content makes sure that every customer gets a personal touch. For maximum potency emails should be structured to only show the most relevant content to your subscribers. 

If it seems too technical to you, leave the work to expert SEO services. Reach out to us at kasandz.com! 

We at the Kas Andz Marketing group can further your eCommerce game with our multitude of services. Our eCommerce strategy is unlike any other. Our team are experts in hitting the inbox consistently. In addition, we use Send Time Optimization to make sure that your subscriber gets the email when they want it, when they want it. 

We effectively divide your mailing list into interest groups, so that your subscribers will only get the content and products they want to see. 

With our eCommerce services and other eCommerce SEO packages, we ensure that we keep your business on target – successfully converting leads to prospects, from customers and subscribers, and to loyal patrons. 

It’s Not That Hard

Targeting The Digital Population

Get set on your business and digital marketing. With the right set of keywords, quality products, a good SEO and a vision, you can thrive in the big, big digital arena.  

With the help of KAMG, you can avoid getting lost in finding your place in the digital population.  We will help you through, from helping you start your digital marketing with our SEO consultant services to creating you a winner B2B e-email outreach system. 

With the right tools and the right help, you can win the internet.


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