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It’s a competitive world out there. The digital landscape has made business fast requiring marketers to be even faster. Fortunately, you can equip yourself with digital marketing tools that will make your business stand out. To succeed, you need to have an optimized website with a good design, a social media marketing scheme that fits your brand, relations with influencers who have the credibility to promote your product, properly targeted online ads and an effective marketing plan for your prospects.

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The Nitty Gritty

Welcome to the digital age where technology allows you to buy and sell with the touch of a finger and transact with people from the other side of the globe. Businesses, inevitably, are using the latest and most effective digital marketing tools to maximize their reach to potential customers and create successful sales.

You must be one of them – one of many, many entities trying to win over the internet market; and you, surely, are not the only one who is studying and applying marketing tools to expand their territory.

Cancel the Competition and Identify Your Target

In the competition for customers, marketers who fail to gain a competitive advantage will ultimately fail. A good strategy, therefore, should include finding ways to avoid the competition.

In the art of War, Sun Tzu says that “the opportunity to secure ourselves against defeat lies in our own hands”, and further to that, “the way is to avoid what is strong, and strike at what is weak”.

This means that for business success to happen, it is wise to avoid markets that are too saturated and find certain demographics to produce and innovate for. With this, you can have a targeted niche that would surely like to purchase your offerings.

When you have your target, you have the opportunity to market with sniper rifle precision, not like a drunk machine gun shooting hundreds of rounds hoping to hit something by chance. Targeted marketing gives you highly specified knowledge of prospect behaviour, lifestyle and hence product and service needs.

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For example, if you’re selling video games, surely you know to engage influencers like Pewdiepie or Jacksepticeye, and you mainline YouTube and Twitch for your promotions. Otherwise, if you’re selling your book about self-help, you can have podcasts where you have Russel Brand or Evan Carmichael and the like as guests.

When you have your market in the crosshairs, the next thing to do is reach them at the proper time, engage them with the right media, offer them your products specific to them, and earn. All you need are winner marketing tools.

Useful Marketing Strategies and How to Use Them


This strategy can bring you traffic to your site and it is fairly easy to manage. These platforms allow you to utilize native ads, generate collaborative promotions with influencers, create a level of automated messaging in some, target social classes and groups and do some amount of PROSPECT MARKETING and much more.

Social media brings you good stuff but being at the top of searches still gives you the most clicks that can turn to purchases.

Technology allows us to maximize our reach in the market. SEO stats and site analysis enable us to track the market we choose and see how customers move so as to strategize how we can lure more in – this means optimization of your website.


This is where SEO professional services come in. When you employ SEO in your marketing, you will have higher discovery rate and a stronger online presence than what you have on social media. With SEO, your target market will have you on top of their search results and they will virtually find you anywhere you want them to.

Some of the most effective strategies to optimize are the use of CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) and CJO (Customer Journey Optimization) to your site. These approaches deal with the science of studying user behaviour and applying changes to your client’s experience on your website to make it more goal-oriented.

CRO and CJO are done by inserting heat maps and analytics on to your website or service, and driving traffic to study your users. Then, you can change and optimize your website based on the data.

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These tools are available to you from the KAMG team and we make sure to get you results. Our CRO and CJO  services are sure to get your clients to take action – this, while you save on advertising while gaining and retaining customers.

With the Kas Andz Marketing Group, the optimization is simple but very effective. The process starts with updating your website so people know your brand. Your page layout is then updated so that your customers will be driven to the items you want them to consider purchasing. Then, the right keywords are put on your site so you get noticed and ranked for in search results, after which your message automation will be reworked to be as direct as possible. Customized landing pages that coincide with your customers’ interests will then be implemented.

These tools alongside with other online marketing SEO services will allow you to target to any level of specificity and individuality of your already categorized customer bank. This creates a website that has an authentic and personal experience for all customers and that potentially drives them towards purchases and retention.


When you know your niche, the best way to advertise is on the platform where your leads are. PPC (Pay Per Click) online advertising puts your listings on top of search engines of your targeted demographics when they look up keywords related to your products. One of the best things about PPC is that you only pay per click on the platform you are using. This means that you can control the maximum clicks you allow per day and month. The more control you have over your market, the better experience you can give them.

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Paying for native ads is also good but people often find these skip-worthy and an annoyance blocking them from immediately seeing the content they’re online for and wasting their time. If you don’t have commercial integrity yet like the big commodity factory brands and need to build a genuine reputation, the better ad work around is sponsorship or paid promotion with influencers.

All you must do is find the right person to product-place your brand with – someone with the right demographics for your product.

In fact on its own, INFLUENCER RELATIONS is another tool you can master and employ for successful marketing in the digital world. Influencers have followers who who trust what they say and propose, as long as it is within the values of what the subscribers hold the Influencer to stand for.

Technology and digital and social media, have allowed these Influencers to be what they are and reach who they reach. They are basically specialized celebrities whose markets can be your target.

Smart Use

With these digital tools available at your command, succeeding at your marketing is dependent on how you use them. If you plan incorrectly and misplace your content or get lost on your goals and targets, you are doomed to fail.

Before you start your campaigns, make sure you know what you are doing and where you’re going. It has to be clear to you what you want to accomplish, something qualifiable, quantifiable, and better, tangible.

With the right tools, you can stand out in the competitive marketing arena. All you have to do is be smart, cancel the competition, target your market, reach them, and make sure all you’ve done drives them to purchase when they land on your website – and also to return for more.

We at the Kas Andz Marketing Group offer affordable SEO services for small business and other enterprises. We are the best SEO consulting company in London and we can help start you up with a phenomenal digital marketing plan.

Whether you need advice on your emails, a team to work your SEO or marketing tools to double, triple your sales, you can find your marketing needs at kasandz.com.


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