Understand YouTube Channels for Kids and how you can leverage them for your business.

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YouTube channels for kids have exploded in recent years. Indeed YouTube as a whole has the most interactions in terms of views worldwide and in fact, the influencer phenomenon started mostly on YouTube. It is a staple for content creators who can effectively market products to their subscribers.

YouTube influencer success is fueled by consistency to the values their subscribers follow them for, and creativity and “watchability” of their content (not necessarily production value). It also helps if they have a good grasp of the YouTube algorithm and a good digital marketing plan employing video search engine optimization.

Influencers on YouTube earn through sponsored content, organic merchandise, paid content on other platforms, ad revenues through native ads, and ticket sales or appearance fees on guestings, concerts and tours. Indeed, YouTubing is one of the hottest eCommerce past times of our generation.

While many in the influencer arena cover healthy lifestyles, travels, food, and fashion, the biggest market, arguably, are kids – yes, those that parents leave to in front of the smart tv or tablet for hours while they do their jobs or chores. Kids’ content on YouTube keeps them occupied with safe content with all child-safety inclined algorithm.

Bring in the Children

Kids’ content can be animation, toys, learning and instruction, or child-centric vlogs. All of these are big on YouTube. Kids’ channels get millions of views, surpassing most influencers, and ironically, their content is fairly easier to make relative to other types. Although kids love animation (high production value) by default, sometimes all it takes to get kids hooked to your channel is a video of a kid randomly playing with toys. Kids’ content on YouTube is a like a cheat, but it works – it can be considered a full industry.

If your target market is kids, parents or family orientated, it’s not hard for you to find a gold mine of YouTube channels to tap. If your market is anything but those, there’s a lot to learn from today’s kids content  giants.

You’ll find that these top subscribed kids channels are product-centric. In the marketer’s eye it is hard- sell product placement, in the kids’ perspective, it is a let’s play video with toys.

Here are the top five YouTube kids’ channels.


With over 24.8 million subscribers and 38 billion views since 2015, Ryan’s World started out as a toy review channel where the 8-year-old Ryan unboxes different toys. These translated into toy sales as influenced by Ryan’s reviews.

A digital media studio known for extending YouTubers into global franchise, PocketWatch, collaborated with Ryan’s World and released his toy line which were first released exclusively by Walmart.

PocketWatch also produced a television series for pre-schoolers entitled Ryan’s Mystery Playdate.

Image 2


Calvin & Kaison or CKN Toys, are Australia-based YouTubers known for toy reviews, unboxing, opening giant surprise eggs and cosplaying as superheroes. They have 14.8 million subscribers and 13 billion views since 2015.

Nickelodeon has prepared a series based on CKN Toys which was set to premier this spring of 2020 together with its consumer products.

Image 4


Diana is a 6-year-old Ukrainian YouTuber focused on child entertainment videos. Together with her mom, Elena, she dresses up, tries on children’s cosmetics, unboxes toys and does mostly playtime on videos.

Diana has over 52 million subscribers and 25 billion views since 2015. Her channel showcases toys for girls from big franchises such as Peppa Pig, Hello Kitty, and Shopkins, among others.

Image 5


Brothers Vladislav and Nikita are Russian-Americans with 38.8 million subscribers and 18 billion views since 2018 making them the 25th most subscribed channel on YouTube.

Once, they gained a surge of 207 million views for one video within 5 months because of some controversial play pretend video. The controversy sort of gained them curiosity but it is simply fun watchable play pretend content for kids. This is a good example of the power of random virality.

Image 6


Genevieve’s Playhouse is an educational channel for kids using toys as learning materials. Genevieve plays with characters from popular franchises like Paw Patrol and Peppa Pig in a story-telling format, while learning numbers and words together with their audience.

The channel started out in 2016 and has since then accumulated over 14.5 million subscribers and 6 billion views.

Image 7


Kids on YouTube have the influential power on setting the bar for content, toys and lifestyle for their generation. They are powerful ambassadors of culture and product.

The most important thing they possess is their natural ability to target consumers. It is easy to determine what kids like and need. They are very easy to target in the market. When they have a grab of

their inclination, all it takes, at minimum, are toys review videos. Keep it interesting and you get longevity in the commerce.

You can apply this knowledge to your own enterprise. Make sure that you thoroughly know your market. Learn their behaviours and their perspectives. Once you know them as well as the back of your hands, it will be very easy to determine what they like and need. A little sprinkle of creativity and a sound marketing plan will get you far.

Digital Tools

It is also a boost to employ marketing tools that really work. When you have a specific target, you should be able to reach them more effectively with efficient use of SEO stats and site analysis. Once you engage   them, you must be ready to engage them properly in the emails.

Email newsletters are the original, and still one of the best services of ways of interacting with your customers and constituents. Our email newsletter services from kasandz.com can help bring success to your business.

We at the Kas Andz Marketing Group know that newsletters and email advertising bring evergreen and consistent communication and increased loyalty to your brand.

As the leading email marketing expert in the UK and London, we have helped thousands of start-ups and seasoned companies. We have increased their revenues, followers, leads, and returning customer activity.

We get your emails away from the spam box and make sure you have a fully automated communication system that feels personal for your client.

Be or have an Influencer

With the proper marketing tools and good, relevant, targeted content, your influencer journey or journey with influencers can win on any platform.

Whether you choose to have a channel or employ native ads or sponsor creator content, when you know who you are calling to, and have a product of integrity, there is no way for you to fail.


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